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Last week I did a video recap of new Pirates prospect Aaron Thompson, showing him going up against his new teammates from the 2010 Altoona Curve.  I’m planning on doing a new recap every week, ideally on Wednesday.  I’ll leave the next recap up to you.  The choices are Brett Lorin, Zac Fuesser, or Tyler Waldron.  You can vote for your choice below, and the winner will be featured on Wednesday.

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It definitely feels different watching a game when you are watching players who have confidence and talent. Which is why Marte is such a treat to watch. That’s what we haven’t had, and why I enjoy watching most of these players this year. Some of them aren’t there yet, from a confidence standpoint (Alvarez, McDonald, Mercer, etc) and others don’t have the talent (Tabata, Gorky’s, Presley – notice a pattern?)
Like Hurdle says, I try not to have expectations. I just like to watch and see who stands out, and who proves they aren’t ready or don’t have it. Doesn’t mean they can’t get it – but it’s obvious to watch and see.
I don’t know if they’ll make the post-season or not but if they do I’ll be there. Hopefully waiting to see Gerrit Cole throw his first post-season pitch.


What really started to bother me was people getting cocky about this team and talking about sweeping teams and burying others like it was nothing,acting like all they had to do was show up.
I tried to point out that I felt this was still a team that had some problems and in no way was this franchise complete but was roundly criticized because I didn’t blindly fall into step with the true believers.
Hell, I want this team to win as much as anybody else and when they lose I’m in a funk until they win again but that doesn’t mean I walk around with blinders on.
I hope that the Pirates become a solid franchise and post winning records every year from now on but I also hope that nobody ever takes winning for granted.


I left spring training thinking the Bucs could get to or break 500 because I saw a starting lineup of good ball players, no duds, a core that was maturing (Still not there yet) an experienced pitching staff and an experienced bullpen. What made it a no brainer for me was the minor league system, I thought and still think there is a lot of depth in the system. Marte is a good example of depth. I am concerned about the team running out of gas, can’t lie about that and if they don’t make it, IMO that will be the primary reason.

Thom Kay

I was too young to appreciate the ’92 team, so this season has been the first of my life that I could get excited about the Pirates, and I am LOVING this year.

I’m a believer and feel sure we can go 18-30 or better from here on out. I want a winning season, and playoffs would be icing on the cake.


It was a tough choice between Waldron and Lorin, but ultimately I went with Lorin.

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