The Back Cover of the 2011 Prospect Guide

Just giving an update on the book, I’m on the final stages of creating the book, which includes making sure everything lines up in the correct pages, creating a table of contents section, an index section, and pretty much everything else that needs to be completed that is layout related.  The book is getting up over 200 pages, all loaded with information on the Pirates’ organization.  The final editing process will start next week, and I’m hoping to be on schedule to print the books at the start of January, which will allow me to get them to you by the second or third week of January.

A reminder that anyone who pre-orders the book will be entered in to a drawing to win two free infield box seats to the 2011 home opener.

I showed you a preview of the front cover a few weeks ago, and a preview of one of the scouting reports last week.  For today’s preview, with the book nearing completion, here is a preview of the back cover (click the image for a larger view):

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I think as CH would say, put your expectations away and just enjoy watching a young player with elite talent get his first taste of the show. Trying to figure it all out, just gives me an anxiety complex – I prefer to sit back and appreciate this kid earning his opportunity. Overall the one thing that can not be argued is that the 25 man roster just got stronger than it was yesterday. That’s as good a place to start as any.

Bucco Inc

Even if the offense slumps.. Speed and Defense does not.

I think the player that will be most effected is McGehee. Presley and Marte will play a lot together. Jones at 1B and Pedro at 3B. Sorry

236/302/390 … 8HR – 35 RBI .McGehee’s stats. Why is this guy a guarantee in the line-up?


Can’t wait to see him play tomorrow, 5:05 pst. Be there or be square!


Saw him in person for the first time in Erie playing AA. Your description of him is right on target. He has the natural talent to be great – it’s just a question of whether he masters it.

John Lease

I wonder if he is going to start. I’m guessing he won’t. Presley will keep on playing as long as he hits around .250, with Marte getting spot starts is my guess. But we’ll see tomorrow.


I seen a quote from one of the higher-ups that if Marte was to be called up, he would only do so if he could get regular playing time. I fully expect him to start tomorrow.


Will the Bucco faithful be patient with him? Like say, a hot start followed by two poor weeks. Will we be “oh see, he wasn’t ready…send him back” or will we understand that he still has work to do?

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