Scott Olsen Contract Details

Olsen will receive $500,000 in 2011.

Jerry Crasnick reports that Scott Olsen has accepted his deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and will make $500,000 in 2011, with the chance to earn up to $3 M in performance bonuses based on starts.  Crasnick also adds that the deal includes a $4 M club option for the 2012 season.  No word on a buyout for the option, although we heard the deal was for $1 M, so it’s possible that the buyout could be $500 K.

The main thing I don’t like about Olsen is his history of attitude problems and fights with teammates.  From a baseball standpoint this isn’t a bad deal.  It’s a low cost for a 27 year old starter, along with an option for 2012 incase he has a surprise season.  If he does have a surprising season, the option will be reasonably priced for 2012, and might give Olsen some strong trade value.




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John Lease

I certainly remember that game (and series) against the Giants. It was exciting to sweep them out there, they had a great west coast road trip as I recall.


That was the first season that I followed the Pirates; I turned nine fifteen days after this game. I remember asking my mother if I could stay up past my regular bedtime of 9 pm to listen to the game the night before since Lee Tunnell, my favorite player, was the starting pitcher. I felt asleep sometime before the end, but woke up to discover that Tunnell and the Bucs had defeated the Giants. The game from this article was in the afternoon, and I listened to it on a portable transistor radio at my aunt’s house (she had given birth to my cousin the day before…). Definitely an exciting finish–I especially remember Leonard tipping Easler’s homer over the fence.

John Lease

I remember Tunnell beating Fernando Valenzuela, but I think that was the year before.

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