Lastings Milledge involved in bench-clearing brawl in Venezuela

Former Pirate Lastings Milledge was involved in a bench-clearing brawl yesterday during a Venezuelan winter league game. Milledge hit a key double in the fifth inning and, upon reaching second base, made a motion as if he was tossing a grenade into his team’s dugout. It seemed like a pretty harmless celebration to me. Here is a video of the double, with the grenade toss occurring around the 1:35 mark.

The opposing team did not seem to appreciate the gesture, though. Milledge was hit by a pitch in his following plate appearance, and he stole second uncontested. Tempers flared from there, and the benches emptied. After a minute or so, order was restored and both teams began filing back toward their respective dugouts. However, Milledge suddenly sprinted back into the mass of players and mayhem broke out again. Here is video of that. Round One kicks off around the 0:19 mark, with Round Two picking up around 1:58.

Here is one more video from a different angle.

This incident was first reported by Adam Rubin of ESPN New York. Thanks also to @BLZR409 for directing me to these video links via Twitter.

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