Jason Bartlett Traded to the Padres

Bartlett has been traded to the Padres.

The Tampa Bay Rays have traded shortstop Jason Bartlett to the San Diego Padres, according to Corey Brock of MLB.com.  We heard earlier that the Padres and Pirates were the two teams in the bidding for the shortstop, and it appears that Bartlett was dealt for Cesar Ramos and Adam Russell.

I don’t think the loss of Bartlett is that big of a deal, as I’ve said many times before.  His defense has been on a constant decline, and outside of a career year at the plate in 2009, he’s been a sub-.700 hitter as a starter.  I would much rather see the Pirates acquire J.J. Hardy.  The Pirates will still have to compete against the Baltimore Orioles for Hardy.  If they don’t land Hardy, Brendan Ryan of the Cardinals could be a possibility.

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9style hater

The Rays have said that any announcement of a trade with SD for Bartlett is premature….


I would really like to see the pirates try to re sign adam laroche, his defense makes up for his lack of offense especially with pedro at third and with him batting lower in the order with less hype he could return to the type of player he was with the braves


I really hope that this forces us to pick up the pursuit of Hardy. I much prefer Hardy over both Bartlett and Ryan. Do you think it would take about what the Padres gave up for Bartlett in order for the Pirates to get Hardy?

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