Daily Recap: De La Rosa to Colorado

De La Rosa is close to signing with the Rockies.

The big news from today is that Jorge De La Rosa is close to a three year deal with the Colorado Rockies.  We heard earlier today that the left hander could decide sooner, rather than later, although Colorado wasn’t willing to go more than three years, which seemed to set them at a disadvantage.  However, De La Rosa was comfortable in Colorado, according to Ken Rosenthal:

But De La Rosa is comfortable in Colorado and works well with Rockies pitching coach Bob Apodaca. His desire to stay with the team, combined with a strong financial offer, apparently convinced him to stay.

De La Rosa received a three year, $32-33 M deal, which was my initial guess for his price tag.  I also guessed that the Pirates would probably have to go 4-5 years at $11-12 M a year to land him, which wasn’t a popular idea.  A small consolation is that the Pirates won’t be losing their 2011 second round pick, a pick which moves up a spot now that De La Rosa re-signed with his former team (removing one compensation pick from the 2011 draft).

Other news from today:

John Dreker did an interview with Victor Black, who mentioned that his move to the bullpen might not be a permanent assignment.

The Pirates are one of five teams interested in trading for Jason Bartlett.  In that link, I explain why I don’t want to see the Pirates acquire Bartlett.  Earlier today I listed two shortstop options who could upgrade the Pirates: J.J. Hardy and Ryan Theriot.

The Pirates are also one of many teams interested in Lance Berkman.  Again, I’m not a fan.  Berkman seems like he could be Jeromy Burnitz part two.

-Neil Walker was named to the 2010 Topps Rookie team, making him the second Pirates’ rookie to be named in two years (Andrew McCutchen was named last year).

-Andy LaRoche and Delwyn Young elected free agency after being outrighted off the 40-man roster a week ago.

-Tomorrow is the deadline for ranking free agents to accept arbitration offers.




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