Lineups: State College-Williamsport 9/3


WILLIAMSPORT — Two hours to first pitch …

Game: State College Spikes at Williamsport Crosscutters, 7:05 p.m.

Site: Historic Bowman Field.

Pitching: LHP Zack Dodson vs. RHP Jake Borup.

Weather: 87 degrees.

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State College Spikes:

1. Drew Maggi, SS
2. Mel Rojas Jr., CF
3. Kelson Brown, DH
4. Matt Curry, 1B
5. Cole White, RF
6. Pat Irvine, LF
7. Walker Gourley, 3B
8. Matt Skirving, C
9. Gift Ngoepe, 2B

Williamsport Crosscutters:

1. Aaron Altherr, CF
2. Edgar Duran, SS
3. Miguel Alvarez, RF
4. Jeff Lanning, DH
5. Cameron Rupp, C
6. Geancarlo Mendez, LF
7. Carlos Alonso, 3B
8. Jeff Cusick, 1B
9. Matt McConnel, 2B

There was talk yesterday that Dodson might not pitch tonight.  As of right now, he’s the listed starter.  I’m hoping to see him pitch a bit, as I decided to drive up to Williamsport, rather than over to Altoona (an additional 30 minutes added to the trip each way) to see Dodson.  I’m hoping to also see Trent Stevenson tonight.  I saw Dodson in Spring Training, but I’ve yet to see Stevenson pitch.

Right now the Spikes are taking batting and fielding practice.  Kevin Mort is the only infielder taking infield practice for some reason, fielding at shortstop.  Everyone else is either standing around the batting cage, waiting for their chance to hit, or shagging fly balls in the outfield.  Mort isn’t even in the lineup tonight.

More to come in a bit.

UPDATE 6:00 PM: Some information on the Williamsport (Philadelphia farm system) players:

-Cameron Rupp was the third round pick by the Phillies this year, signing for a slot price out of the University of Texas.  Rupp hit for a .313/.401/.498 line in Texas, and is hitting for a .224/.322/.388 line in 183 at-bats in the NYPL this year.  Rupp was drafted by the Pirates in the 43rd round in the 2007 draft.

-Aaron Altherr was drafted in the ninth round of the 2009 draft by the Phillies.  He’s hitting for a .301/.363/.446 line this year in 83 at-bats in the NYPL.

-Tonight’s starter, Jake Borup, was drafted in the 23rd round this year.  He’s 6′ 5″, 200 pounds, throws an 89-92 MPH fastball.  Borup has a 3.07 ERA in 41 innings, with a 6.1 K/9 and a 2.4 BB/9 ratio.

UPDATE 6:35 PM: George “the Animal” Steele is the special guest tonight.  If he bites open first base, and reveals a green tongue, it will make my night.  That’s about the 10th 1980s WWF/WWE wrestler I’ve seen at a minor league game this year.  Gotta love minor league baseball.

UPDATE 7:04 PM: First pitch is thrown. Switching to Twitter for the updates.

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