Minor League Managers and Coaches — Part 1

Hitting Coach Ryan Long

  • second season as Curve hitting coach
  • 8 seasons as hitting coach in the Royals’ and White Sox organizations
  • 10 pro seasons as a player in the Royals’ organization (outfield)
Pitching Coach Tom Filer
  • first season as Curve pitching coach
  • 12 seasons at pitching coach in the Yankees, Blue Jays, and Phillies organizations
  • 15 pro seasons as a pitcher in the Yankees, Cubs, Blue Jays, Brewers, and Mets’ organizations
State College Spikes (Short Season A)
(season begins in June)
Manager Gary Robinson
  • second season as Spikes’ manager
  • 10 years as a AAA level umpire evaluator for Major League Baseball
  • pitching coach for Expos rookie level team in 1998
  • 8 seasons as a scout for the Giants, Mariners, and Phillies
  • 10 seasons as head baseball coach at University of North Carolina –Charlotte
Hitting Coach Brandon Moore
  • second season as Spikes’ hitting coach
  • 3 seasons as hitting coach in Altoona
  • 4 seasons as hitting coach in the White Sox organization
  • 7 seasons as an infielder in the White Sox organization
Pitching Coach Mike Steele
  • second season as Spikes’ pitching coach
  • Lynchburg pitching coach in 2008
  • 4 seasons as a pitchier in the Tigers’ and Mariners’ minor league organizations
  • former assistant coach at Michigan State

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