McLouth traded to Braves for three prospects


  • James simmons
    June 8, 2009 3:11 am

    Pirate fans got screwed. Why pay money to see a minor league team play? We want laroche and sanchez signed to multi year deals. Get your head out of your butt pirate front office. We want to win now not three years down the road. Fans, boycott this team until they agree to start paying some salaries and put a winning team on the field. Circulate the boycott around pirate land.

  • Good summary, Matt.
    I like the way you kept your head and objectively looked at the trade. I like the trade and trust that FC and NH know what they’re doing.
    Inside source tells me that the reaction is mixed in the Pirates offices, but “The guys that know a lot about baseball agree whole-heartedly with the trade”.

  • Typical Bucs. Trade away the talent and start all over again. The club is nothing but a minor league team for the rest of MLB.

  • trade em all!
    let Neal sort em out