Pirates talking to Hinske

Dejan reported earlier today that the Pirates have contacted Luis Gonzalez’s agent. However, according to Jenifer Langosch, Gonzalez is a backup plan for the Pirates, as their focus is on Eric Hinske. (Dejan is also reporting the Pirates’ interest in Hinske) I have no desire to see Gonzalez in a Pirate uniform, as his numbers have been declining steadily for several years. He still has a quality approach at the plate and would be a better option than Craig Monroe, but he is at the end of his career. CHONE projects him to have a wOBA of.315.

I would welcome the signing of Hinske, though. Hinske has been a pretty solid hitter the past few years, and CHONE has him at a .335 wOBA in 2009. He was above average in the outfield in 2008 (according to UZR), although CHONE projects him at -11 runs in a corner outfield spot this season. Hinske can also play an adequate corner infield. Not to mention he is ten years younger than Gonzalez. Hinske could provide some value, and I would probably prefer to see him play left over Nyjer Morgan.

Jeff Salazar and Steve Pearce, two players already in the organization, may be better options than both Gonzalez and Hinske, though.




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