Pirates Acquire Drew Maggi from Phillies

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that they have acquired minor league veteran Drew Maggi from the Philadelphia Phillies and he is active in Indianapolis tonight. Maggi was with the Pirates during the 2010-14 seasons after they drafted him in the 15th round and signed him to an over-slot deal.

The 33-year-old Maggi has no big league experience, but he has collected a big league check before. The Minnesota Twins called him up for two days last year, but didn’t get him into a game before he was sent back to the minors. He has spent the 2022 season with the Phillies in Triple-A, where he has a .209/.345/.250 slash line in 66 games. As you can imagine with all of the moves and injuries recently, Indianapolis has been playing short-handed. Maggi has played 10+ games at shortstop, second base, third base and left field this year. He has also played right field and first base in his career, as well as four pitching appearances. His versatility and experience will help them during this time.

While this was listed as a trade, don’t expect to hear a return. This feels like one of those deals that is done as a favor to a veteran player so they can go somewhere where they have a better opportunity.

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I have done a little research on maggi. Cuz I followed him when pirates first signed him. Not sure why he hasn’t been up in bigs yet even for an opportunity. He was on team usa with cole, jbj and others and was named mvp. Beat barry bonds sb record at asu. 4 hrs in 4 games last year in saint paul. Hasn’t ever been done in their 29 year history.


Can Gift Ngoepe be far behind?


Can he breathe through his eyelids?


i have to say, this is pretty rad. back where it all began for him


Well, Drew finally made it from Altoona to Indy. Only took him 8 years and several other minor league stops. Welcome back Drew!


I thought it was messed up the Twins did not find a way to get Maggi in a game when they called him up. I looked at the box scores and they could have gotten Maggi an at-bat without effecting their chances of winning, which you would think they would have done for him given his long minor league journeyman career.


33 years old career minor leaguer. Thats some love of the game right there. Gotta respect that.


Welcome home, Drew.

Now, if he spends one day in the majors in the place of Castro or Castillo, somebody should be fired.


Especially since one or both should be playing second; not that jackass Vanmeter!


They should give him one game to play and have him play a different position each inning so he plays all nine spots in one game joining Bert Campaneris and Shane Halter as the only players to do so.


OK, I take it back. One day.

Then the firing starts.

Last edited 4 days ago by SBRO

I think Maggi is going to be AAA depth at best because Rodolfo Castro, Ji-Hwan Bae (when off the IL), and Diego Castillo will be promoted to the Pirates shortly. Swagg’s and Suwinski also up to the Pirates. I hope Mason Martin also

BC is busy right now trying to find landing spots for Newman and Gamel. No hope for Allen, Marisnick, and VanMeter who will be DFA’d, Madris back to AAA. Chavis stays as the RH hitting 1B. 6 down/gone, 6 up


Sorry John, they would be waived and another team desiring them could pick them and pay the remainder of the contract.

If nobody wanted these guys in trade before the deadline, why keep them when all they are doing is blocking younger players. Guys like Newman and Gamel could find a spot with a contender, and can be on the playoff rosters if signed before Aug 31. The Giants did that with Quintana last year.

NorCal Buc

I’d keep Marisnick for his late inning defense, speed and all around great attitude.

Other than Marisnick, I’d chip a few bucks for the bus tickets you’ve mentioned


I’m ready to move forward with younger players, and with a new Manager – Don Kelly, who is the current Bench Coach. I think we have the quality of young talent now to add to Hayes and Reynolds and assemble a core group that could be competitive as early as 2023.



Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I mean, welcome back, but what? Guess they do still need bodies.

Wilbur Miller

Pretty standard. With injuries and all, teams run short of infielders or outfielders or whatever and there’s lots of moves like this. There were years when the Pirates had to find a bunch of catchers to finish out the MiL season. And pitching staffs just turn into chaos.


I wonder if Maggi is Italian for VanMeter?

Wilbur Miller

You win the internet!


No! It’s Italian for Tsutsugo!

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