Francisco Liriano Reinstated From Paternity List, Sadler Optioned to Indianapolis

  • A question…Since the Pirates have already announced that Liriano wouldn’t make his next start until Wednesday, did the Pirates really have to activate him from the paternity list? Could they have waited until after Tuesday’s game or before Wednesday’s game to activate him? The reason I ask is because it would have been beneficial to the Pirates to possibly have an extra bullpen arm or bat off the bench for today and tomorrow’s games.

    • He can only miss three games max while on the paternity list and since they announced the move Saturday, that means whoever they added could only stay until today. The rule says you can replace a player with someone else on the 40-man roster, but doesn’t say anything about using multiple players

  • How long is Sadler locked down in Indy now that he has been optioned? 2 weeks?

    • Ten days, although he can replace someone that goes on the DL. He cannot be called up before then if they just wanted to send someone down

  • First game I did not watch all season.
    Sounds like he did well!?!?