Dodgers Out on Jon Lester, David Price, and Cole Hamels

Peter Gammons reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are not trading their top prospects, and as a result, are out of the running for top pitchers like Jon Lester, David Price, and Cole Hamels.

The St. Louis Cardinals just traded for Justin Masterson, and it has been said their GM doesn’t want to part with his top prospects. However, it’s also said that the Masterson deal doesn’t necessarily remove them from getting Lester. So what does this mean for Jon Lester and the Red Sox?

I think this makes it extremely unlikely that the Red Sox are getting two elite prospects for Lester, or a package like the one we heard suggested this morning, with Josh Bell, Nick Kingham, and JaCoby Jones. No one seems to want to deal an elite prospect for a rental right now. It might end up costing a guy like Bell, assuming no other teams get involved with a willingness to pay a big price. Right now, things aren’t trending in their direction.


  • It was never realistic anyways to ask for two top 50 prospects and a fringe top 100 prospect.

  • I wonder how much the page hits jump up heading to the trade deadline 🙂

  • Yeah there’s definitely a part of me that hopes the Cards give up prospects that we don’t have to bother with for 6 years for Lester. We do play them 19 times a year if I’m not mistaken.
    The Dodgers have no reason to trade for either considering you could go Kershaw in games 1, 4 and 7 quite possibly and Greinke and Beckett the others.
    Do you think though some teams are saying “we’re out” as a form of posturing for the Sox to come back and counter lower?

  • I think it’d be extra stupid for the dodgers to give up prospects for an ace because they already have an 85% shot at winning their division.

    Cards don’t really have as much elite-ness as they do depth. unless they count taveras. in which case i say “omg please trade Taveras for Lester”.