Pirates DVR: Anthony Solometo Strikeout, Draft Prospects Highlights

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Draft Prospect Highlights

While he’s probably a little too far down the list to be considered for the first pick, at least with how strong this year’s prospects are at the top of the draft, but Max Clark is still widely considered as the top high schooler available.

He currently ranks sixth on MLB Pipeline, and in a lot of drafts, Clark would very much be a legitimate choice for the top pick.

The current favorite to go first overall, Dylan Crews, is continuing his absurd start to the season, and one week into SEC play, he is still batting over .500 on the year.

He picked up his sixth home run of the season this week, with most of them going to right-center, displaying his opposite field power.

Anthony Solometo

The lefty had an outstanding debut season as a teenager Single-A Bradenton, and will look to build on that in 2023.

Looks like he is hard at work in maybe being one of those players that take a big step forward this season.

Anthony began writing over 10 years ago, starting a personal blog to cover the 2011 MLB draft, where the Pirates selected first overall. After bouncing around many websites covering hockey, he refocused his attention to baseball, his first love when it comes to sports. He eventually found himself here at Pirates Prospects in late 2021, where he covers the team’s four full season minor league affiliates.

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Looks balmy in Indiana.

Scam likely

I still have Crews and Clark 1a and 1b. Clark might be a nice under slot pick. I just can’t see the pirates forking up 9 plus million for Crews or anyone for that matter.


They went overslot by a bit for Termarr last year. So why wouldn’t they this year? Going underslot with this many legit candidates for the 1-1 spot is clever by half.

Last edited 2 months ago by ArkyWags

And yet are any of them really worthy of the highest draft bonus in the history of the game?

I don’t think so.

Overslot at 1.4 is quite a bit different than overslot at 1.1.


Do we know they’re gonna have to be overslot at 1.1? If they’re gonna top the largest bonus ever, that’s gotta be Strasburg right? I think he was over 10m and so was Prior. Harper was just shy of 10. All of this is according to the Wikipedia machine so take that for what it’s worth.

I don’t mind going a tad overslot for a guy here, provided that guy (or guys!) separates themselves. But I don’t think anyone here will approach the all time high, nor will the ask be in that category.

Last edited 2 months ago by ArkyWags
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