Ke’Bryan Hayes Named Finalist for Gold Glove Award

Rawlings announced the three finalists for the Gold Glove awards in each league for every position. The Pittsburgh Pirates were represented in that group by third baseman Ke’Bryan Hayes. The winners will be announced on November 1st.

According to Baseball-Reference, Hayes tied with Colorado Rockies second baseman Brendan Rodgers for the highest dWAR (3.0) in all of baseball at any position. Hayes led all National League third basemen in assists, putouts, range factor and fielding percentage. His 3.0 dWAR is tied with Honus Wagner (1912) for the seventh best defensive season in Pirates team history. The problem he may run into here is that Nolan Arenado has won the award in all nine seasons that he has played, and this past year was one of his best fielding seasons, finishing with 2.3 dWAR. Ryan McMahon had 1.4 dWAR and he got the other finalist spot..

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Hayes also beat Nolan in defensive runs saved 24 to 19 (led all of MLB at any position) and outs above average 18 to 15 (led MLB 3B, 3rd best at any position). Nolan led in UZR mostly due to a high range score. Hayes will win the Fielding Bible Award, but I wager Nolan was still good enough to prolong his reign.


Hayes had the highest dWAR (3.0) in all of baseball at any position. Hayes led all National League third basemen in assists, putouts, range factor and fielding percentage. Arenado finished with 2.3 dWAR. It should not be a vote of popularity for a player who played for a popular team. It is an award for the best player at the position…Arenado shouldn’t get a participation trophy.


Am I the only one who gets pissed that dWAR is hidden somewhere on Baseball Reference and Fangraphs? I often search and search and can’t find it…….maybe it’s the mobile phone formatting idk.

But what I do know is this means Key had a 1.3 offensive bWAR. Very marginal for a $10M player. It’s no secret, everyone knows it, Shelty, BC, Haines, etc. Why can’t they get him to change his swing??


“His 3.0 dWAR is tied with Honus Wagner (1912)”

Please expound on that statement! I was not aware dWAR calculations have been computed going back that far. The IF’s and gloves were so sh-tty then, it would be really difficult to even compare the defense played in that era versus the pristine turf conditions of today.


Reminds me of when Barry Larkin was better than Ozzie Smith but Ozzie still won it on name for a couple of years at the end of his career. Hayes will probably have that with Arenado.


Hayes should win it. But Armado is a recognizable name for the voters. He and Molina won GGs because that’s who they are and because the had the talent to win it.

What can decrease the chance of Hayes winning a GG?

1. He’s a Pirates’ player, and can thus be ignored.
2. Hayes did not hit enough to win a fielding award.


Arenado won the award the last 9 years because he deserved to. This year he doesn’t, but only because hayes had an incredible year defensively. I have a hunch arenado wins it this year and then hayes takes over winning it next year, but I hope I’m wrong because hayes deserves it.


Stallings (Pirate) beat out Molina (Cardinal) last year.


Just curious did you complain when Cutch hit enough to win the Gold Glove, because his Defense sucked.


Are Gold Gloves still being given to best offensive performers at their respective position?



Hayes might have a chance to unseat Nolan then.




Something something sunflower seeds



Hayes played in 133 games, had 8 fielding errors and 4 throwing errors. Arenado played in 131 games and had 6 fielding errors and 6 throwing errors. Given that Arenado was throwing to Goldschmidt (a gold glover himself in the past), and Hayes was throwing to Tsutsugo and others who were playing first base in the majors for the first time ever, I give the error edge to Hayes. And one has to wonder if Arenado misplaying the ground ball in the Phillies game 1 6-run ninth inning playoff game will not be in the back of the mind of some voters. Seems like Hayes deserves it more.


Hayes played meaningless baseball all season. Arenado played for much higher expectations.


That isn’t relevant to the award at all.


FWIW – votes are done BEFORE the playoffs. So no, any fielding errors by Arenado in a playoff game means nothings.


Darn, you didn’t have to tell me that! Funny though, the Cardinal official scorer did not give Arenado an error on that play, which makes you wonder….

b mcferren

if he doesn’t win the gold glove EVERY YEAR, then what is the point?


John, can you refresh my memory on the process for naming the final winner? I thought the three finalist were based on defensive metrics, is the rest of the process just different voting populations?

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