Pirates Promote Endy Rodriguez to Altoona; Jase Bowen Goes to Greensboro

The Pittsburgh Pirates have promoted catching prospect Endy Rodriguez to Double-A Altoona. The 22-year-old has put up a .294/.380/.512 slash line in 88 games for High-A Greensboro this season, while also seeing time at second base and playing 1B/LF earlier in the year.

Rodriguez was recently named as our July Player of the Month, then followed it up with a five-hit game the next day. He ranks second in the South Atlantic League among players with 250 plate appearances in OPS, second in slugging, second in doubles, third in runs, fourth in hits, sixth in OBP and sixth in homers. Last year he had the second best OPS in the Florida State League among players with 300+ plate appearances.

Tim Williams wrote about Rodriguez earlier today

Endy Rodriguez’s Bat Came Alive And Defense Improved When He Focused on Catching

Jase Bowen has been promoted to Greensboro today from Bradenton. He leaves the Florida State League as the league’s RBI leader, while putting up a .278/.355/.450 slash line in 98 games, with 17 doubles, 14 homers and 20 steals in 22 attempts. He ranks seventh in the FSL in OPS this year, fourth in homers, eighth in steals and tenth in doubles. He’s done that while making 12+ starts at first base, second base, left field, right field and center field, while also taking a turn at third base, where he also played four times last year.

Altoona also announced that Claudio Finol has been sent to Greensboro and Malcom Nunez will debut today. Bradenton received outfielder Tres Gonzalez from the FCL Pirates.

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Two very well deserving promotions, although slow in coming….Jacob Gonzalez should also be promoted to Altoona, and Sabol moved up to Indy…there is a lot of dead wood on the Indy roster, so it shouldn’t be hard to make room for Sabol there….


Okay since we’re talking promotions and on the extremely off chance that anyone within the Pirates might be wasting their time reading this stuff, I want to advocate for the promotion of Mason Martin.

Wait, wait, wait, before you say he strikes out too much just bear with me. Martin has had a lot of HRs and RBI for the last few years but his strike out rate has been 35-40% some of that time. Into mid July this year he had 15 HRs and 55 or so RBI but was striking out 40+% of the time and hitting below .200. Not good in some ways but pretty dang good in others.

In mid July the Pirates stood him down for a week or so supposedly to work on shortening his swing and making more contact. Okay fine so far in a very small sample size he’s hitting .391 with 6 SOs in 23 ABs, so is he fixed? Unfortunately he’s yet to hit a HR in August and only has one since they messed with his swing in July so who knows, but Madris only has one HR in 81 ABs in Pittsburgh and is currently hitting below .200. Doesn’t he have to be better than that?

I say he’s done what they asked him to do and the reasons given for not promoting him (SOs and low batting average) are not a current issue. The current lefty options at first are Madris and VanMeter so honestly what is there to lose? He’s played first his whole career and has a lot of experience catching throws from Cruz. Bring him up and give him a chance. Thank you for your kind, or not so kind, attention.


I agree with you if he maintains this progress for the next 3-4 weeks, but 23 ABs is too small of a sample size to really see that he has fixed anything


Now we could watch him on stream!


Thank you BC!


Previously Disgruntled Fan

PS – Can we please have Roansy back in Pittsburgh now?


Rodriguez top-8 by Spring?


A very good chance of that happening, and Altoona benefits by having Endy Rod, 22, and Malcom Nunez,21, as two recent adds. I would hope to see Davis soon, and a good chance all 3 go to the AFL this Fall.


Well deserved for Endy. Good to see him in the upper levels now. I do hope this doesn’t mean Henry Davis isn’t expected to return. Even a week or two of games would be nice to see in what otherwise has been a lost turn in Altoona. Gotta be an AFL candidate.

Also happy for Bowen.

Few more players on my promotion wishlist: Alvarez, Priester, Flowers, Thomas and Selby.


why didn’t Rodriguez get promoted weeks ago?

Tim Williams

My article today explains the progression of his development this year. Summary for non subscribers: The last few weeks he’s been showing what he can do while only focusing on catching and second base. It seems he’s getting promoted based off those results.


It’s always nice to have an excuse to go to Altoona


Cooler weather inbound this week and the Curve are loaded with talent. Fly fishing in the morning and baseball at night. Checking their schedule for next trip.
How about that outing from Ortiz today, another immaculate inning. Every time I see him in person he looks unhittable for four innings or so. Today he extended it.


Little J > Blair County Ballpark, classic combo! You’re livin right, my friend.

Last edited 1 month ago by NMR

And it sure ain’t the pizza! (ducks)


Yeah. I’m not a fan of thick crust pizza

Tim Williams

I grew up on that in Altoona. I was molded by this pizza. I didn’t have real pizza until I was a man. By then, my tongue couldn’t even taste. All of the oils from the thick crust pizza over the years wrecked my taste buds. The only time I can taste anything is on Thursday nights, eating hot wings at Lakemont Park.


Well, hello. I know no one with the Pirates is paying any attention to comments on here but great minds, or average minds maybe, think alike.


There are many people with the Pirates (staff, players, family members). I’d be surprised if they all have such diverse interests to spend / waste none of their time on boards like this.


It’s almost like the incessant daily bitchfests aren’t fucking worth it, who knew!


Sometimes I come into these rooms and I don’t like the person I become.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

That’s why I previously would just mostly stick to the prospect watch threads


Looking forward to seeing how he handles it.


Hey, table pounding finally worked!! Wooo hooo!!!

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)


hey i kinda called this a few days ago  😂 

great news though! excited to see what these players can do at their new levels

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