Pirates DVR: Quinn Priester’s Debut, Liover Peguero’s Glove, Jared Triolo’s Bat

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Josh Bissonette

Five Indianapolis pitchers combine to pitch a shutout, with Josh Bissonette providing the only offense the team would need. The infielder hit his fourth extra-base hit of the season — all doubles — scoring two runs.

Liover Peguero

Peguero is having a breakout offensive season at Double-A with Altoona, and while he has made his fair share of errors, every now and again he still shows off the upside he has defensively at the premium position.

This was the first batter that came to the plate in the bottom of the first, and Peguero got every bit he could on that throw deep in the hole.

Jared Triolo

While he may be hard pressed to reach the 29 doubles he hit a year ago in Greensboro, Triolo has been making them count as of late. Here he ties the game with a hit down the third base line for a double.

Matt Gorski

While coming in the game off the bench in the ninth inning in a tie ball game may be a bit much for some, it apparently didn’t slow down Matt Gorski. He hit a one-out double in the ninth, and on the next pitch stole third base. Altoona couldn’t capitalize and eventually lost on a walk-off sacrifice fly.

Quinn Priester

The 2019 first round round pick made his Double-A debut on Sunday, pitched three innings and struck out three batters.


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I don’t know shit about anything, but Priester almost looks too…robotic?

Moved extremely well off the mound to field that ball early in the clip, but almost seems to leave a lot of that athleticism behind when on the mound. Anybody else seeing it?


I see it too. It kinda has shades of Mark Prior in his delivery to me. Everything in the delivery is synced up, looks fine and is very repeatable but it just looks very casual almost as if he’s throwing batting practice instead of live game action.


And I know he’s fresh off injury and all, but that’s some fairly unremarkable stuff isn’t it?

Fastball 92-95, fringey command.
No changeup to speak of.
Nice deuce, but I’ve been burned by these big breakers.

I think Tim’s on pretty solid ground with his call for Mike Burrow leapfrogging Quinn, at least in this snapshot.


Burrows has what Contreras has and Priester and Keller don’t, a fastball that plays.


I watched Shane Baz pitch against the Yankees. Seems to have an effortless delivery and the ball explodes out of his hand putting the batter on the defensive. to think he was the clincher for the worst trade in baseball history for a depleted Archer makes little to no sense to me. NH was a complete fool for making this trade and it should remove him from any future major league GM job.


I was probably more excited about Baz than any other Pirates draft pick in the last decade. High school kids that pump mid nineties AND have a five pitch mix as a teenager just don’t come around often. Looking forward to following his career even if he isn’t wearing the uniform he should.

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