Pirates Claim Pitcher Tyler Beede from the Giants

According to Jason Mackey, the Pittsburgh Pirates have claimed right-handed pitcher Tyler Beede from the San Francisco Giants. Beede, who turns 29 years old on May 23rd, has pitched six times in relief this season, posting a 4.66 ERA, 5.50 FIP and a 2.07 WHIP in 9.2 innings.

Beede put in regular time as a starter for the Giants in 2019, going 5-10, 5.08 in 22 starts and two relief appearances, with a 5.03 FIP, 1.48 WHIP and a 113:46 SO/BB ratio in 117 innings. Besides that season, his big league time in 2018, 2021 and 2022 amounts to 18.1 innings total. He missed most of last year with a lower back strain.

Beede was drafted in the first round twice, once out of high school and then three years later (2014) out of Vanderbilt. He was rated as a top 100 prospect by multiple sources prior to the 2017 season. The Pirates will need to make a move to get him on the 40-man roster, which is full now.

Mackey also reported earlier today that Rodolfo Castro will join the Pirates today. We will have a separate article for that once the move is announced.





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Stephen B

Did I miss something or don’t the Pirates have another move to make on the 26-man? Beede has been added to the 40-man (Sulser outrighted), but Sulser had already been optioned to Indy. Kranick went down when Underwood came off the IL. So I think someone else needs to come off the 26-man to make room for Beede.

Gotta be Alldred, right? De Jong would have to be DFA’d, which would make the decision to outright Sulser pointless (but in perfect keeping with Pirate roster management). And basically everyone else is either critical or unoptionable.


Flotsam, meet Jetsam…..


Interesting. But how did Pirates miss on Kuhl and Overton? What would it have cost to keep them and what are their salaries now? What are they doing differently that now has success? What are Pirates missing in their development process?


The Pirates didnt miss on either of those two. They are both enjoying some batted ball luck that will soon end.


This reminds me of a number of Huntington’s early moves–if a guy was once a top prospect, claim him. But the Giants are known for fixing pitchers, so why claim a guy they couldn’t fix?


Just some fresh mud to throw against the wall to see if it sticks.


Here’s a video of Beede’s 113 K’s from his 2019 season (pattern of 95mph heaters up in the zone, sliders below the zone, also shows nice movement on the changeup):


IMO worth a flier, I’m sure they’re hoping for another Wil Crowe part 2 with him. Getting 113 K’s of mlber’s recently & a former top 100 prospect is worth while gamble for the bucs to make.

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If Castro is not starting every game then why bring him up??

Beede usually goes with eyes…maybe they can get 10 or so innings from him before they move on…


Castro is starting tonight apparently


Call up Yerry De Los Santos


Liked what I saw from Sulser, didn’t feel like he got a fair shot. Don’t view Beede as an upgrade. Cole Tucker demotion way past overdue.

Middle infield should be Castillo at SS/Castro at 2nd going forward. Unfortunately Shelton is going to have them split time, effectively eliminating any hope that either of them find a consistent groove at the major league level.


vanmeter is starting, while castro is at ss…..so yep they’re basically gonna split time. cool stuff


Of the 2, Castro is probably the better SS option, but that’s not saying much. At least the potential of catching a ball just right and leaving the park went up. With Tucker it was hoping he’d catch one just right to hopefully find grass.


I haven’t been overly impressed with Castro’s defense. He crosses me as a Chavis type of defender, pretty consistent on balls hit in his direction but limited range/throwing arm. Think you get more athleticism from Castillo at short, IMO.

Regardless, they both should be playing consistently and both are an upgrade over Tucker.


To me I think you get more athleticism with Castro, but the calmer/quieter defender with Castillo. Castillo will generally make the plays on the balls in his zone he should get to, where with Rodolfo you might gain some range, but every play is an opportunity for the ball to end up in the third deck.


Injury history, can’t get guys out? Sounds par for the course.


if there was anything to extract from Tyler Beede, the Giants would have done it already.


interesting move to remove sulser


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Also it’s weird that the tweet shows on the middle right of the page where it shows “Recent Comments”, but in the thread, it just shows the hyperlink


Beau DFA’d? I mean, I’m not gonna table pound for Beau, but, ummm, why?


He hasn’t failed at the ML level enough to have Pirate Tenure.

Anyway, hopefully they can straighten Beede out just like they did . . . . . . somebody or other.


Beede doesn’t even have a solid minor league track record or anything to point to. Guy just has an entire career catalog of no control.


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