Pirates Claim Catcher Tyler Heineman, DFA Andrew Knapp

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced that they have claimed catcher Tyler Heineman off of waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday. To make room on the 40-man roster, catcher Andrew Knapp has been designated for assignment.

Heineman is coming up on his 31st birthday, but he has just 30 games of big league experience spread over three seasons. This year he is batting .267/.267/.400 in ten games with the Blue Jays. He also appeared briefly with the 2019 Miami Marlins and 2020 San Francisco Giants. He spent the 2021 season in Triple-A with the Philadelphia Phillies and St Louis Cardinals.  For a time, he was behind Andrew Knapp on the depth chart for the Phillies.

Knapp has struggled at the plate this year, hitting .129/.229/.161 in 35 plate appearances, though he’s credited with 0.0 WAR due to his defense making up for the lack of offense.

The Pirates are basically just trading out backup catchers, though I’m sure Heineman will be seeing somewhat regular action until Roberto Perez returns. He is hitting better than Knapp, but neither player has even a decent sample size of at-bats, and Heineman picked up his last hit two weeks ago today.

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The most incompetent and inept MLB organization in recent memory….anyone with a brain and common sense could have predicted that signing and/or playing the likes of Knapp, Tucker, Park, VanMeter, Marisnick, Fletcher, etc. were going to yield pathetic results. Yet, a supposed professionally run baseball organization made and defended these decisions.

Now, we sign Beede and Heineman and immediately put them on the major league roster!! Are you kidding me? Is Heineman really better than Delay?

Let me help the inept front office with a couple of tips…you will likely increase the chances for success for for fan interest in this train wreck, DFA VanMeter and this mistake of a signing (Heineman), and replace them with Bae and Delay (or Henry Davis). Remove Keller from the rotation immediately and send him to Indy…if he is out of options, try to trade him (good luck) or just DFA him. Stop treating guys like Underwood and Bryse Wilson as quality major league assets…get rid of both and replace with Contreras and de los Santos.

Start preparing for the likelihood that Swaggerty will soon to be called what he is – another in a very long line of high draft pick busts. Gonzalez is trending that way too. Cardinals have Nolan Gorman and Jordan Walker, we have these two.

Cruz has never hit so poorly as he is so far this season – makes me wonder if the fact that he was sent down to Indy while lack of talents like Tucker, VanMeter, and Hoy were kept had an impact on him. He’s human, I couldn’t blame him if its affected him. He seems to be coming around of late – Pirates mismanage their prospects year after year.

Yes, this is a rant…I am sick of watching this train wreck and being humiliated as a fan. This organization is a disgrace and a joke!


Pretty sure this didn’t move the needle in the division leading Brewers locker room.


I am pretty sure they laugh at the Pirates…can you blame them?


Agreed, but why not Jason Delay who is posting decent hitting stats and exceptional defensive stats at AAA. I know it probably does not better his case to have been drafted and developed by the Pirates. We’d rather take someone else’s leftovers rather than one of our own.


Its the Pirates way!


My guess is they’re just trying to protect the mediocre catching depth.
Yearning for Henry




So the team has a week to trade or release Knapp, hope they are able to trade him to Cleveland for S. Bieber.


Only if they throw Oviedo in the deal too 🙂

Last edited 4 months ago by robertkasperski

Now you are getting greedy!


Maybe they will do a trade of just Oviedo for Knapp. Of course, they will probably demand we throw in something more than just Knapp.


What I don’t like about this is that they told us there was some upside with Knapp but have now given up on him after a very brief opportunity. It’s one thing to claim guys fir auditions but to give such brief auditions before moving on creates the impression that either they don’t know what they’re doing or they’re not all on the same page.


Or they’re saying what they need to say to sell that Andrew Knapp is your backup catcher. Huntington talked up David Whitehead (the return for Charlie Morton) and Drew Hutchison when everybody knew they were part of a naked salary dump.

The thing to not like about it isn’t the messaging, it’s the fact that they put themselves in a position where claiming Knapp was a choice.


Baby steps, almost a major leaguer but with Pirate standards could be an All-Star…


More than halfway to catcherpocalypse and it’s not even Memorial Day yet!


Hitting better and a switch hitter. I’ll take it.


…and the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…


Ben can’t stay away from those backup catchers who can hit lefthanded. For some guys their weakness is redheads, others blondes. For Cherington it’s bad backup catchers who hit lefthanded.


Gotta be better than Knapp though right?…… right?

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

Third season. This is Ben’s third season, and he’s still making bottom of the barrel waiver claims, to replace bottom of the barrel rostered players.

They keep playing Suwinski. They optioned Tucker to call up Castro. We try to see optimism in, “Maybe this is the turning of a corner?”, only to claim Beede, DFA Sulser, option Alldred, and now this lateral catcher move. If even that.

“It can’t get worse than this, right?”


I have been a Tucker fan since he was drafted but 25 K’s and 0 Walks in 63 AB is enough, even for me. Castro has been steadily improving the past few years and is doing a fairly nice job at SS for the Pirates, even though many thought him less than able at that position. He is my pick for our present and future Utility IF,

IMO, Suwinski is a welcome look into the future of this ballclub.

Bucs'N'Pucks (Jeff Reed)

I was pointing to those as positive. As “Maybe the tides are changing?”, then hit us with this crap


What bizarre moves, to both collect and dump Knapp, or any backup catcher, in this way. The 2022 backup catcher position is the 2021 left field or first base positions. They came away from 2021 with Tsutsugo and Gamel, churning through names we can’t even all remember (including Nogowski and Tom).

Maybe we’ll look back more fondly about how they picked up Heineman in 2022, the last year they could afford auditions at the major league level, but it’s odd to me that they are willing to experiment like that when pitchers can be effected.

In a vacuum it’s not strange to dump Knapp for Heineman. But doing so makes the move coming out of spring training just a bit more cavalier. Hurry up, Carter Bins and Henry Davis; make us forget this entry into pirates history ever happened.


I will consider this to be fallout from not getting the chance to pick up a backup in the Rule 5 draft.

Wilbur Miller

So, a BC veteran pickup who was so bad he lasted only six weeks. Who could have imagined?


They only got Knapp in the first place because Ritchie was injured. Who else was really available at that time? Anyway, I’d rather have someone who isn’t napping at the plate. Yeah I said it lol.


It’s another one of those Pirate fan moments. Knapp dfa’ed, yay! Tyler Heineman claimed to replace him, what?


He was going to be the next Justin Turner! Every piece of scrap off of the heap will be the next Turner with our development program.


BC going for it!


What happened to ritchie? He’s hit around .300 his whole minor league career? Is he still hurt?


well at least they recognized that knapp was a complete black hole offensively, so they did something to rectify it


Was a matter of time until someone better got waived….and the time was now!

Last edited 4 months ago by robertkasperski

I’m having trouble that it took 6 weeks. There was no one between Knapp and Heineman? But I agree with agent…….at least they did make the move.


It’s all about stepping over the low bar, lol.


Just so long as one steps over and not tripping and falling on your face. I have to believe the bar was pretty much on the ground in Knapp.


While not forgetting he was probably the catalyst for losing Roberto Perez who was actually contributing some offense.

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