Pirates Are Calling Up Roansy Contreras and Yerry De Los Santos

The Pittsburgh Pirates are about to get some pitching help from Indianapolis. Hector Gomez reports that the Pirates are calling up Roansy Contreras and Yerry De Los Santos.

No word yet on the corresponding moves, but these two look to be a welcome addition after today’s game.

Contreras has a 2.66 ERA in 20.1 innings over five starts in Triple-A, with a 24:11 K/BB. He’s already appeared in the majors this year, but was sent down to gain an extra year of control get stretched out as a starter.

De Los Santos has been a lights out reliever, with a 1.72 ERA in 15.2 innings over 12 appearances, along with a 20:2 K/BB. He could provide a challenge to Heath Hembree in the single-inning section of the bullpen.




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Wilbur Miller

Newman to 60-day IL, which means VanMeter will get lots more chances to get his BA below .100. Wilson optioned. Somebody else has to depart the active roster. Hardly anybody has options. Maybe they’ll send Bednar down.


I cannot believe I spent real $$$ to watch this team Saturday and Sunday. I left after the 3rd inning Sunday. That team had no life to it.


Long overdue, but I support these moves. I would have brought Bolton up as well. We cannot have Keller and Wilson starting anymore games in the foreseeable future. Wilson should just be DFAd or sent to Indy. Now swap catchers with Indy and replace VanMeter with Bae


The Pirates need to be like a cruise ship and start discharging crap 12 miles offshore…


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Wilbur Miller

I’ll be waiting, probably all day, to see who gets “deployed” the eff out of Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, I see Seattle signed Knapp to a MiL deployment. I guess the rest of MLB is less impressed with a career 69 OPS+ than BC is.


Excellent use of the “line-out” to make a very important point. Contreras came into the season with 2 days of MLB Service, and did 13 days in April before being sent down for about a month. If he stays the rest of the year (which he should) he will finish 2022 with 149 days of MLB Service, 23 short of the 172 minimum to earn a full year of service.

BC has had a horrible offseason with about $13.5 mil spent on R Perez, ‘sugo, Hembree, Van Meter, and Marisnick. Gamel and Quintana have been excellent adds and should stay until the trade deadline unless BC can peddle them earlier.


To be fair, Perez and Marisnick were playing well until injuries.

Wilbur Miller

Perez, yes. Marisnick had an OPS+ of 17. That’s biblically awful. A couple diving catches can’t cover for a bat that horrible.


He is what he is: A 4th OFer. You expect too much. Better than the Cole disaster.


Correct which is why Marisnick has never been able to stick even with gold glove caliber defensive play. Why the Pirates ever signed him is one of many mysteries that only BC can try to explain


It’s pretty easy to explain. This org loves glove only players. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a giant hole in your bat.

Wilbur Miller

The trifecta of suck they acquired at the end of ST was like some idiot plan came together all at once. Three guys, obtained within a couple days of each other, who’ve produced a COMBINED OPS+ of 80. I keep imagining the FO having a giant nerf-bat orgy.


This is bad….the major league coaching staff is going to ruin Roansy. They ruin every top prospect that reaches the bigs, who has lived up to their promise? Everytime we face another teams top pitching prospects, we pretty much get shut out…..man it is frustrating be a Bucco fan!!


And they have apparently screwed up Cruz’s head by choosing Tucker and VanMeter over him. When was the last time Cruz has hitting this poorly over an extended period?? Pirates management is mind numbing


So Thompson has put together 2 str8 good starts making him untouchable. Wilson is the obvious rotation option to AAA. In the BP there are plenty of easy cuts but Hembree is clearly roster filler so… bu bye. Cruz is progressing but not ready. Time to swap Mitchell for Suwing-ski. Bad time for Yoshi to finally have a good game but Mason Martin is getting hot again. June should be a fun month if we ignore wins/loses.

Stephen B

Yoshi’s dinger today was off a position player, so I don’t think it means he’s turned a corner or anything. He had the nice double to CF yesterday, and that’s been it for weeks. I wouldn’t let that stop me from cutting him just like LA and TB did last year.

Agree that Wilson should be optioned when Roansy is called up.


Yoshi needs to go…another failed experiment. Bring up Martin or Mitchell.

Stephen B

So who gets removed from the 40-man for Yerry? BC has built a bullpen where the only two guys who can be optioned are Bednar and Crowe, so he’s pretty much forced himself into a corner. Hembree would be the people’s choice, but I doubt anyone would lose sleep if it were De Jong or Beede.

I’m also wondering who gets optioned/DFA’d next week when the Pirates have to thin the major league pitching staff by one. If they just return Yerry a week after calling him up it would be pretty chicken shit.


They have a lot of worthy candidates to DFA…with Beebe, Wilson, and Hembree the top options

Wilbur Miller

Beede, De Jong, Hembree, Yoshi, Tucker, VanMeter, Marisnick. Where do we start?


The question isnt where to start, it’s where to end.

Stephen B

I’m going to assume they replace pitchers for pitchers, hitters for hitters. The way they handled the early season was incompetence, and you hope they learned from it.

If it were me, I’d DFA Hembree now when Yerry comes up and Beede when they have to send someone back down.
Separately, DFA Yoshi for Martin, Marisnick for Mitchell, VanMeter for Bae.

It even works for the 40-man because now you have 39 guys, Allen makes 40 when he comes off the 60-day IL.


They should do exactly that.


Great news!!!




Let the flood gates open. Time to flush a whole bunch of the 26-man roster. This is a good start.

Next is the hitters.


Hopefully, we are done with Wilson as a starter.



Time to jettison some flotsam and jetsam.

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