From Texarkana To The Pros: Braylon Bishop Starting To Find A Swing

When the Pittsburgh Pirates finished their 2021 MLB Draft, I think many people were in shock. The Pirates collected a ton of talent from all accounts, but the question was, can they sign all that talent?

Not many expected the Pirates to sign 14th round pick Braylon Bishop; it seemed he was destined to go to Arkansas, but Ben Cherington pulled some voodoo magic and signed the prep outfielder for $268,700.

After signing the dotted line, Bishop would spend the rest of the 2021 season in the Florida Complex League. In 26 at-bats, Bishop hit for a .192 average with three stolen bases. After the season ended, I had the chance to connect with Bishop and get a sense of how he was doing and, more importantly, what he was tweaking within his swing.

“From the top, I had a wider base, mainly focusing on how to enter the zone and understanding how to use my top half,” Bishop said. “Now I’m close and getting more from the lower [half] day-by-day.”

Bishop elaborated on the process of getting more from his lower half.

“I’m just getting more comfortable in understanding where my hips go and staying in the ground after my swing making things look/feel easier for me,” Bishop said.

When asking Bishop for his 2022 goals, I expected a basic answer like “getting my feet wet” or the other generic answers. The answer was a very specific and confident answer from the Texarkana native.

“I plan to be in the top five in OBP and stolen bases,” Bishop responded.

Now, if that isn’t a confident young man, then I don’t know what is! When the 2022 season comes rolling around, be sure to pay attention to Bishop’s OBP and stolen bases.

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