Draft Pick Bonuses Announced for Seventh and Tenth Round Picks; Eight Draft Picks Signed Today

Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline has been posting bonus amounts all day today on Twitter. The Pittsburgh Pirates signed six draft picks last night and three of those bonus amounts were missing. That number is down to one, as Callis has posted the amounts for seventh round pick Blake Sabol and tenth round pick Cameron Junker.


Sabol was slightly over slot, while Junker was just under his slot. So far the Pirates have saved $386,100 on the announced bonuses. Combined with the 5% teams are allowed to go over their bonus pool without losing a draft pick, they could spend a total of $883,300 on over-slot deals.

We have already added four unannounced signings from today. There will be more draft pick signings announced tonight, so we will update this post as the night goes along. We are still waiting on the bonus info for eighth round pick Austin Roberts.

Here’s the draft signing tracker, which keeps track of who has signed, how much the Pirates have spent and how much they have left for over-slot deals.

UPDATE: Fifth round pick Grant Ford is among the signings today. Here’s his player page and the article posted after he was selected.

12th round pick Kyle Wilkie has signed, as has 24th round pick Trey McGough. Wilikie is a catcher, while McGough is a left-handed pitcher. Both had a year of eligibility left. Here are their player pages:

Kyle Wilkie

Trey McGough

Add center fielder Chase Murray to that group, the 13th round pick out of Georgia Tech.

Chase Murray

UPDATE #2: Pirates finally announce the signings, adding four more names from today (player pages linked to their names):

Aaron Shackelford (14th rd)

Garrett Leonard (15th)

Eli Wilson (16th)

Cory Wood (19th)

Ford, Wilkie, Leonard and Wood have all been assigned to Morgantown. The other four are going to Bristol.

Our draft tracker has been updated, showing 15 total players signed out of 42 picks.

Here’s our day three draft recap, which covers seven of the players signed today.

LATE UPDATE: Eli Wilson got the full slot amount after the tenth round