Injury Updates: Cervelli Dealing With Post-Concussion Symptoms, Meadows Out 2-4 Weeks

PITTSBURGH — Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli remains on the seven-day disabled list with what team trainer Todd Tomczyk referred to Wednesday as post-concussion symptoms.

“He was evaluated by our group of physicians back here in Pittsburgh and we are primarily treating him for post-concussive symptoms,” Tomczyk said. “He was re-examined once again yesterday by our group of physicians and he was cleared to resume light exertion activities.”

Cervelli performed a 20-minute stationary bike routine while his heart rate was monitored. The team will wait to see how he responds to that before detailing the next step in his recovery.

The team’s belief is that Cervelli’s continued symptoms all still stem from the same incident June 6 in Baltimore, when he was hit in the mask by a foul tip. That’s despite the fact that he was cleared to return to action June 14 and played in four games from June 14 to 19 before again landing on the disabled list.

Then there’s also the matter of the viral infection that Cervelli had been suffering, which Tomczyk does not believe is a concern, but could have confused because of similar symptoms to a concussion.

“There’s a lot of symptoms that viruses create or present, such as a headache, such as dizziness, that could be similar symptoms that are involved with concussive-like symptoms, so that’s why he wanted to make sure we got back in our hands with our group of experts who know him the best,” Tomczyk said.


Triple-A outfielder Austin Meadows has had his rehab for his strained right hamstring and is expected to miss a total of two to four weeks. He’s been on the minor-league disabled list since June 22. The team expects Meadows to make a full recovery, but this is his third hamstring injury overall and his second on the same leg in the last two years, which is a concerning trend.

“It’s rather arduous and head-scratching for me personally,” Tomczyk said. “I don’t want to speak for the rest of our performance team, but I take these injuries personally, whether they’re in the minor leagues or the major leagues. We always debrief as a performance team about what we can do differently. We feel horrible for Austin that he injured his hamstring again. That’s why we will dig deeper and see how we can prevent this from happening in the future.”

  • Barnes and now Meadows. What is causing these injuries?

    • Weak hamstrings….

      • Need to hit the leg curl machine

        • Quite the contrary, they might have spent too much time in the weight room and too little time doing running drills. For example, despite the fact that players need to do a lot of sprinting and changing direction in soccer, there aren’t that many hammy injuries.

  • So, we will not see Meadows until after the trade deadline passes. Hopefully he will be able to get 120-150 AB’s in Aug and Sep. They should bring up Polanco at the same time . . . . .oh he’s already here, my bad.

    • Jose Polanco? or Gregory Tabata?

      • I would not pick on Osuna.
        All he does is produce.

        • Question does Jose deserve a full opportunity to start?
          What that would mean is Frazier and Polanco would time share and Jose would be the regular.