Pirates Activate Five Players From 60-Day Disabled List

The Pittsburgh Pirates have activated all five players who were on the 60-day disabled list according to their transactions page. Gerrit Cole, Josh Harrison, Elias Diaz, A.J. Schugel and Chris Stewart were all placed on the 60-day DL during the month of September to open up roster space for replacement players.

These moves were all expected and needed to be made by Monday. At least two more rosters moves should be announced soon, as the 40-man roster currently has 42 players. The Pirates opened up three spots on the 40-man roster by sending Jacob Stallings, Zach Phillips and Pedro Florimon outright to Indianapolis. Both Phillips and Florimon have refused the assignment and became free agents. If there are any other roster moves made tonight, we will update this article.

*One very minor move was made earlier today. The Pirates re-signed player/coach Miguel Perez to a minor league contract. He was the third base coach for Indianapolis this season, while also being briefly activated twice during the year to serve as the backup catcher, though he never appeared in a game.

  • Bucs still have all 5 FAs on the 40-man. By Tuesday, the 42-man will be the 37-man unless somehow they come to terms with Nova and/or SRod. I don’t see them retaining Feliz, Joyce and certainly not Vogey, but of the three, Feliz would be the one worth talking to for an additional day,

    I’d guess they’d jettison Vogey and Joyce now and the other three on Tuesday unless there’s some rule I’m not aware of that prevents them from dumping FAs.

    • You can’t have more than 40 men on the 40-man roster at any point of the season. It’s possible right now that two players are on waivers, and just like the three from earlier this week, we won’t hear about it until they clear or get picked up. I believe those five free agents don’t come off the roster until Tuesday. Teams have five days to exclusively negotiate with those players, so they aren’t free to talk to all of the clubs yet.

      • I’m aware of the five day rule, which is why I wouldn’t think there’s any reason to keep Vogey or Joyce, neither of whom I think Bucs are interested in retaining. I just don’t know if that’s MLB protocol to drop pending FAs before Tuesday.

        • Do they make a qualifying offer to any of their free agents. Joyce seemed to slump towards the end of the season. Rodriguez was pretty hot at the end of the season.

        • If they needed five spots for guys on the 60-day DL and had five free agents, then I think they would have just dropped all five of them to make room. So there is probably a rule against doing it.

          • Saw this posted on an article regarding the Padres roster crunch:
            “At all times a major league baseball team has to have a valid 40 man roster. During the season, the team can place injured players on a 60 day DL and open up a spot on that roster. Once the season is over (2 PM PT on the 5th day following the conclusion of the World Series, to be specific), the 60 day DL goes away. All those players either need spots on the roster or have to be let go. Most years the team also has a number of free agents that vacate roster spots at the same time.

            • Going back over the transactions for the past years, it seems like it’s not the same timing each year. Some years guys were activated off the 60-day DL days in advance of players becoming free agents. Some years it was afterwards. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m going by the information Tim got and posted in the off-season primer. Doesn’t really matter either way, they still need to have it down to 40 soon, regardless of how it gets there.

  • Any guess on the last two to go?

    • Here’s a guess for Locke and Hughes.

      • Makes sense. Locke because well……for obvious reasons. And Hughes due to make 2 and a half mil.

        • Boston and Garcia are really easy – though I don’ think Hughes and Locke are going to be back – they could be flipped for low level prospects in today’s pitcher poor environment.

      • I’d be shocked. Not that it won’t eventually happen, but because doing so right off the bat doesn’t give NH a chance to even try to work out a trade. I’m going with 2 of Fryer, Dragmire and Bostick.

      • It’s way past time for Locke to go. He’s the definition of a failed starter.