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Pirates Call Up Tyler Glasnow, Drew Hutchison, Trevor Williams, and Pedro Florimon

PITTSBURGH — The Pirates have recalled infielder Pedro Florimon and right-handed pitchers Tyler Glasnow, Drew Hutchison and Trevor Williams from Triple-A Indianapolis.

To make room for Florimon and Williams on the 40-man roster, the Pirates have designated relief pitchers Kelvin Marte and Curtis Partch for assignment.

More to follow.

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IC Bob

I am a big Glasnow fan however he has struggled as of late and may have an arm issue as well. Last year would have been a great time to bring him up when he could have made a difference as a RP. My question is what has changed today that makes him worthy of a call up that wasn’t in place say a year ago or even earlier this year in May or June when we desperately needed him?


He can take Feliz’s place in the pen while Rivero moves up to 8th inning setup. He’ll throw hard and walk people, but maybe he won’t give up HRs.


Shocker – they call up Hutchison, who is going to be put in the 2017 rotation come hell or high water.


I’d like to see Glasnow, Williams, Cole, Taillion, and Nova from here on out. Maybe even Hutchinson, our proud trade acquisition. I love seeing lefties and pitchers get hits off of Locke, he needs to go.


Would like to see Williams get a start to see what he can do against major league pitching. See what we have there.

Mike Shutlock

Me too. I think he’s earned a start at the big league level based on his body of work at AAA. He reminds me of a young AJ Burnett. Maybe it’s just the ink he’s wearing and the fact that he seems to be a leader in the clubhouse. I’d love to see him spin a nice game or two while he’s up in the show.


He’s a spot starter at the MLB level. I’m about as excited to see him as I would be to see Casey Sadler.

Bill W

Kelvin we hardy knew you.


Do you ever wonder why we are so giddy about signing the current players to longer term team friendly contracts when they are a .500 team?
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


As it turns out, the worst definition of insanity of all time is repeated over and over again . . .

Corey Freeman

What do you mean? Makes no sense


The outfield was mostly healthy all season and all will return. 3b and C are the only 2 areas hit by injuries but we felt Freese was worthy of a contract to tidy up 3B. The pitchers shuffling in and out are the group that will comprise most of our starting rotation and bullpen for not only next season but seasons beyond. Do you think they are just going to flip a switch and be better than they are today?

Corey Freeman

I disagree with you. Freese is a great guy to have, can hit and play good defense. He also is a clubhouse leader which might be the most important out of all his skills. Most of our pitching staff is young. Taillon has been excellent and Glasnow just needs more time. I expect him to be ready next year. Kuhl has been a great number 5 in the rotation. Cole has battled injuries all year and he will be back to normal next year. Brault could be in the mix if he improves. I could see them resigning nova or going after a free agent this offseason to further their rotation even more.


“Flip a switch”? No. But I believe the group that is returning (along with re-signing Nova and adding one more SP and a back end pen piece) is significantly better than this year’s record would indicate.

Not to exonerate NH, but shit happens. And it happened to the Bucs in spades this year.

Bobby L

Three more pitchers and Florimon (gawd!)

John Dreker

Florimon probably only came up due to Ngoepe’s screw up, though Florimon is the better all-around player. Whichever came up wasn’t/isn’t going to see much time anyway

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