A.J. Schugel Outrighted to Indianapolis

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that right-handed pitcher A.J. Schugel has cleared waivers and was outrighted to Indianapolis. Schugel was designated for assignment earlier this week when the team acquired left-handed pitcher Jesse Biddle. He was previously acquired off of waivers from the Seattle Mariners last month. That move saw Yoervis Medina designated for assignment, then outrighted, then traded for Biddle. So, in the end, the Pirates basically just swapped out Medina for Biddle.

Schugel will receive an invite to Spring Training, but he seems unlikely to make the big league club out of camp. When he was acquired, I wrote that he seems like a guy who would fare better with a switch to the bullpen. It wouldn’t make sense to have him in the rotation in Indianapolis, since he’d be blocking a much better prospect (any of the Chad Kuhl, Steven Brault, Trevor Williams group) and wouldn’t be a guy you’d want as early season rotation depth. But having him in the bullpen would make sense, especially if that led to his fastball playing up.

This is a continuation of the revolving door that is the 40th spot on the 40-man roster this off-season. The Pirates have claimed or acquired a lot of guys in small deals, only to try and sneak them through waivers later in the off-season. So far, it has led to Schugel, Guido Knudson, and Jorge Rondon in Triple-A, and Medina would be on the list as well if he hadn’t been traded. Those are all hard throwers, good for bullpen depth with the hope that one of them figures it all out. If they don’t, the Pirates paid almost nothing to get them.

  • Don’t fear Bucco fans the Pirates think that they can sign the best prospects for less then $400,000. I think they have been scouting in Haiti to see what they can uncover there.

  • tim do the pirates have any interest in the 16 yr old cuban, lazarito?

    • His price is going to be out of their range. The estimates are $15-20M, and since he is 16, that would be a signing under the bonus pool cap, which means the Pirates would need to pay a tax of $14-19M on top of that, plus be limited in what they can do the following two signing periods.

      • Is this ever going to be addressed?

        Absolutely ridiculous that a team can spend $39 million on a 16 year old, but they change the draft rules because the Pirates signed Bell for an eighth of that.

        • Yeah. Pretty bleeping ridiculous. I’ll be very interested to see what the final figure is.

        • With big-market Manfred taking over, get used to b.s. rules and decisions…God forbid a small market team make another infringement on a large, preferred market

        • There’s some buzz that it will be looked at for the next CBA, but who knows if that will amount to anything. I remember reading an article on Grantland (I think) that shed some disturbing light on how much of a joke the Dodgers were making out of the whole process.

      • Sounds like Luis Heredia crazy money.

  • When players are DFA’d, why does it take 10 days for some and only a few days for others? It hasn’t been 10 days since Schugel was designated.

  • Is Williams the first guy up if someone gets hurt (God help us) in the rotation? Or has that guy not been signed yet?

    • Kyle Lobstein would probably be up before anyone because he’s on the 40-man and has MLB experience, and then possibly Wilfredo Boscan, depending on what role he has with Indy. It is possible that the 6th best starter hasn’t been signed yet.

      • Thanks………and yikes. Good thing there’s some off days in April.

        • If there is a problem early then you could see Juan Nicasio, as he will be stretched out during Spring Training

          • I thought about that. At first I thought he was going to be one of the 7th inning guys but now but based on his history he was converted to a reliever in 2014?

      • I think you meant 5th best.


        There, I’m done being snarky for awhile.