Pirates Sign Gift Ngoepe’s Younger Brother

According to Baseball America, the Pittsburgh Pirates have signed the younger brother of infielder Gift Ngoepe, who has been in the organization since 2008. Victor Ngoepe was playing for Team South Africa in the 18U(meaning 18 years old or under) World Cup this past summer, collecting two hits against Team Italy. He was born on February 9, 1998 and on the roster for Team South Africa, he is listed as an infielder who bats and throws righty.

Back in December, Victor attended the African Elite Camp along with pitcher Vince Deyzel, who was signed last winter by the Pirates. Gift Ngoepe was a coach at the camp. Victor Ngoepe got high praise from former Major League player Fernando Perez, who was also a coach there. Perez said this of Victor, who was playing shortstop at the camp:

“He’s natural, I didn’t take pitches like him until I was in Double-A. He’s that patient. He just does everything very well. He’s had the best big brother to copy. They’re both very smart. I expect he’ll be an exciting young prospect. Maybe the second African-born MLB player, because Gift will be the first.”

Update 12:00 pm: Got a bit of an update and it’s from the Pirates’ Vince Deyzel, who has played with and against Victor Ngoepe. Interesting to note before I start that both Deyzel and Victor were born on the exact same day. Victor actually signed on January 7th, but the news wasn’t quick to get to the U.S. apparently. On to the report, where Deyzel said that Ngoepe has a strong glove and fast hands, with a lot of natural ability. He plays shortstop and second base equally as well. He also said that Ngoepe plays a lot of soccer, so I assume that helps with the footwork and athleticism.

Deyzel is one of the better pitchers in South Africa now, hitting 90 mph, which you don’t see often there. So it’s a good match-up for Ngoepe. In their meetings, Deyzel said that Ngoepe “does alright against him”, he’s a contact hitter with a quick swing and not a lot of power. His running is at least average, which Deyzel described as not slow, but not as fast as Gift Ngoepe. Except for the speed, the younger Ngoepe sounds a lot like the Gift Ngoepe the Pirates signed in 2008.

There is also this GIF from imokemp on Twitter:

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Somewhere Leo Walter smiles.


I just hope Gift gets a shot in Pittsburgh soon…he should have been called up last year, purely because of his glove…that alone, may have been worth 1-2 games (when Mercer was out)….


Might have been except he was injured for most if the second half of the year.


Tim should have the elder one promote the prospect guide. “Give one as a gift.” He probably comes reasonably cheap.

mitch t

Tim should have him promote a similar offer on credit. Then you could “gift, an go pay”


I’m mad I didn’t say that Mitch.


so are you saying that Valerio (Velario?) will no longer be our best fielding SS in the lower levels?


I figured

joe s

any other brothers in the family to sign?


Not really, a 14 year old brother named Cliffleeish Ngoepe, but just seems like a lefty inning eater who will battle for time in WV or Bradenton, so no worth…..


Love this

Bill W

I always that his name was Present?


First thing that jumped into my mind. It’s Monday.

Bill W

Yes but we still have 12″ of snow on the ground and you are planning on going golfing today.


Nope, Tennessee is a milder climate, but possibly the furthest south and still able to get all 4 seasons. Winter usually lasts about 45 days, and I had the fireplace going for the past two weeks. I did play 8 rounds in December – shutout so far in January.


Difficult to golf in Baltimore today with 30 inches.

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