Pirates Option Nick Kingham and Elias Diaz to Indianapolis

The Pittsburgh Pirates have optioned Nick Kingham and Elias Diaz to Indianapolis. The moves are kind of expected, since today is a pretty important deadline for players with zero MLB service time. Neither Kingham nor Diaz have any MLB service time, which means if they remain in camp past this date, and they get injured, they would have to start the season on the MLB disabled list, which would start their service clocks.

Kingham could make the team at some point this season, and should be the top depth option when he is ready this summer. Diaz could also make the team later this year, after he gets some more time against upper level pitching. Kingham projects to have the upside of a middle of the rotation starter who can throw 200 innings a year, while Diaz has the upside to be the Pirates’ starting catcher in the not too distant future.

The Pirates now have 47 active players in camp.

  • Kingham seems to have the velocity, control and arsenal to be a quality starter. I am not sure why his strikeout rate has been so low though. He will need to start generating more strikeouts soon.

    He has good velocity. He throws on a downward plane and generates ground balls. He has two solid off-speed pitches. And he limits walks. If his K rate goes up, he could be much more than a “depth option” (whatever that means).

  • A little more seasoning and these guys will be salty pirates ready for the show!

  • I have been wowed by Dias in camp, he has effective AB’s an extremely high percentage of the time, and he has produced the results to make himself understand that he is on the right track.

    • I have, too, but with Tony Sanchez doing what he did in camp, there’s a decent chance Diaz gets a whole season in AAA (which might not be a terrible thing, really). If Sanchez is for real this year, we’ll have a really nice two starting catcher situation this year and next (which will keep both catchers fresh all season), and/or depth to trade from at a very difficult position to fill, which could bring back enormous value.

  • Lee Foo Young
    March 20, 2015 10:14 am

    “Kingham….should be the top depth option when he is ready this summer.”

    If Richard pitches well, I would expect him to be our Top Depth Option, since he has Major League experience.