Josh Harrison Only Removed Yesterday as a Precaution

Josh Harrison was removed from yesterday’s Spring Training game against the Blue Jays after rolling his ankle running between second and third base. After the game he was walking around fine, but waited until this morning to talk with the media about the injury. This morning he said that his removal from the game was just a precaution and that the injury wasn’t serious.

“I was able to walk off fine and everything,” Harrison said. “Just something that I’ve done before, so with it being earlier in Spring, just wanted to be proactive.”

He missed some time last year with a similar injury, and his experience with this has helped him to recognize when it’s happening, and try to correct his foot in the process.

“I don’t really know if there’s anything I can do to avoid it,” Harrison said, referring to his history of the injury. “I’m more aware of it now. When I felt it happening out there, I won’t say I corrected it, but I was able to keep it from being like last year.”

Harrison iced the ankle yesterday, and didn’t have a limp. He said that it was still enough where he wanted to be proactive with the injury and “take it day by day.” Considering it was his first game of the Spring, that’s not a bad approach to take.