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Pirates Have Five in Baseball Prospectus Top 101 Prospects

Baseball Prospectus has released their top 101 prospects, and placed five Pittsburgh Pirates prospects on the list. Their list was a bit different than the other lists, as they didn’t have any Pirates in the top 20, and had a few players ranked in much different orders than everyone else.

The top prospect was Tyler Glasnow, coming in at 21st overall. Glasnow has been the top prospect in the system in every ranking, but has been in the top 20 in all of the previous lists.

Jameson Taillon was next, coming in at number 26. Taillon has followed Glasnow in most lists. After those two is where the list sees some differences.

Josh Bell ranked third among Pirates, coming in at number 58 overall. That ranking isn’t so unusual. He was rated 34th overall by MLB.com, and 60th overall by Keith Law, while being rated the third or fourth best prospect in the system in most lists.

The ranking take a turn with Reese McGuire being ranked 59th overall, and fourth on the list. Meanwhile, Austin Meadows didn’t make the top 101. This isn’t a surprise is you’re familiar with the Baseball Prospectus rankings. They have been higher on McGuire than every other outlet, while also being lower on Meadows than every other outlet. Meadows was a top 50 prospect in both MLB.com and Law’s list, while McGuire was ranked 64th by MLB.com, and didn’t crack the top 100 for Law.

Nick Kingham was the final Pirates prospect on the list, coming in at number 67. He was ranked 74th by MLB.com, and just missed the top 100 in Law’s list.

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Baseball Prospectus seems to give more weight to HR and SLG than anything else as Clint Frazier (around the same talent level as Austin Meadows) is ranked 89th. Meadows hit for better average but Frazier had a little more pop in his first full year.
To me power doesn’t mean a whole lot if the guy can’t hit. Frazier did okay with a .266 avg in the Midwest league (.252 league BA) but Meadows hit .322 in the South Atlantic.
league (.261 league BA). Although Meadows season was cut short due to injury, he looked good.
As others have said though, it’s all opinions which don’t actually matter.


i don’t think they’re necessarily looking at the stat sheet when they make the rankings. I think it’s more about reports of their tools from scouts than looking at statistics. It’s much more abstract than just looking at the HR column or a batting average. So many players are working on specific little things in the low minors that the statistics are mostly worthless until AAA or maybe a little bit in AA.

yeah all prospect rankings are wrong a lot of the time, but it’s surely a lot better than the list and content that I could put together.


Yeah, I’m pretty much guessing what BP bases it’s rankings on, they seem to be all over the place. Looking at scouting reports might explain why they are all over the place.


they have his tools listed as… 5+ hit, 5+ power, 6 run, 5+ glove, and say that he lacks the arm for RF.

for whatever reason they just don’t think the tools are as loud as the other outlets.

At least their extra dislike of Meadows is balanced out by their extra like of McGuire haha.

Still hoping he turns into pre-2014 Jay Bruce.


Those grades almost seem like 2013 draft day grades, like they are out of date. I’d put Meadows hit at 6 or 7 now, I’d agree that he lacks the arm for RF, but so what, he can play LF.


The reason they’re low on Meadows is because they don’t think he’s a center fielder, and for some reason seem to knock him more than other corner bats because of it.

I think all of these outlets can get tunnel vision at times. Only human nature. I doubt there’s much Meadows can do between now and when he gets to the show to change BP’s mind.

Speaking of McGuire, BP has a similar prospect – Austin Hedges – ranked higher than most despite massive concerns at the plate. They’ve always been the high guy on him, and it looks like they always will be.


Keep an eye on the horizon for one cole tucker, I don’t gamble but if I did my money would be on tucker.


Doesn’t that depend on which level he plays this year? If he plays full season of Low A VS.short season. I can see him hitting the list if he does well in full season Low A, and continues to project as a SS.


Horizon being the key word in that phrase ew.lol


LOL they don’t have Meadows in top 100. I bet he will be top 25 prospect in almost every other system by end of year.


“I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

R Edwards

Is it me, or does it seem that Alen Hanson has fallen out of favor with many of these “experts”?


Not sure I’d say “fallen out of favor”, but this seems to be a pretty typical drop for a prospect of his type.

His prospect value peaked when he broke out in A-ball as a shortstop with plus power, plus speed, and the tools to stick at the position. His ranking was based on projecting what he could become off of that. Since then his power has regressed, other offensive skills haven’t developed to offset that drop in production, and he no longer has any shot to be a shortstop. Still a fine player to have in your system, just not what he “could” have become based on that A-ball performance.


Baselines and opinions. While rankings and projections are nice to see, at the end of the day they don’t really amount to much.


Good point. A lot of people get upset when player x is ranked too low by prospect list y. I read them but never get too excited or mad about them because after all, they have no impact on the players performances. They are just opinions.

Lee Foo Young

The bottom line is that we still have a nice Top 10 list of prospects if you average them all together.

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