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Pirates Acquire Preston Guilmet From Orioles

The Pittsburgh Pirates announced today that they acquired right-handed pitcher Preston Guilmet from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for cash considerations. Guilmet has pitched in the majors each of the last two seasons, posting a 5.23 ERA in 10.1 innings over ten relief appearances this year. The 27-year-old made four appearances for the Cleveland Indians last year and had a 10.13 ERA in 5.1 innings. He spent most of the last two years in AAA, where he had a combined 2.64 ERA and 126 strikeouts in 112.2 innings.

Over his minor league career, he has walked just 74 batters in 346 innings, while picking up 378 strikeouts. He has a career .213 BAA and 1.01 WHIP. Guilmet has an 0.98 GO/AO ratio, which is lower than most pitchers in the Pirates’ organization. He was drafted twice, signing in 2009 after he was taken in the ninth round by the Indians.

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Any pitcher plus Ray Searage has a shot as far as I’m concerned


And even if Guilmet doesn’t improve, every organization has a need for AAA or AAAA position players and pitchers particularly.


Trash? a 2.64 ERA, good control, high strikeouts in AAA. This is someone who can help the organization if we can get that to carry over to the ML’s. There aren’t many people in AAA who pitch that well who can’t get major league hitters out at, at least a league average rate

dr dng

Remember, I do not know much about this and everyone
really made some good points, so why did Baltimore give up on him?

Teams do not usually trade players they like for “cash considerations.”


What do you think Giant fans said when the organization signed Hunter Strickland and Eric Cordier ? ” Why are they signing trash like that ” ?


When asked who was the most difficult project he’s had with the Pirates, Jim Benedict said Bryan Morris. The guy had too many other influences telling him what to do (former coaches, dad) and thus was hard for Benedict to turn. Whatever progress Benedict made with Morris, it didn’t translate to the mound at PNC. Benedict called it a “success” but too late for the Bucs to benefit.

Sometimes a guy just needs to find another coach to succeed. Could be the case here. Obviously Benedict & Searage have a track record, and given none of us has ever heard of this guy, I’m guessing they’ve had their eye on him for awhile, just waiting for him to become available.


Where did you see/hear that 2014 ? That is pretty interesting. I know I watched Morris quite a few times in AA, and he struggled mightily with command.


Thanks for that 2014, that really interesting and I am sorry I missed that.


It was on 93.7. Joe Starkey interviewed him on 9/24. There’s a link to it here: http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/show/starkey-and-mueller/


Very solid pick up. Looks like he has an unimpressive fastball for a reliever and relies on his splitter. This guy has very attractive K/BB rates in his career but has had problems keeping the ball in the park (probably hanging that splitter up in the zone too many times). I could see this guy spending significantly time at the major league level next season.

Lee Foo Young

Hopefully, Jim Benedict,et al can turn him from a AAAA pitcher to a MLB pitcher.


What would be the go/ao.. I’m guessing the go is ground out?


Ground Out / Air Out – It’s a take on how the pitcher is getting his outs. Some people prefer it to ground ball / fly ball ratio. GB / FB ratio includes hits, GO / AO ratio does not.


Much appreciated frank…


Generally yes, but it is important to note the distinction. GB / FB gives a better idea of the pitcher’s approach – does he live high / low in the strike zone? GO / AO only focuses on where a pitcher is getting his outs (having success).

A pitcher could have a high GB / FB ratio but has a stinker infield behind him – lots of errors on ground balls resulting in fewer ground ball outs resulting in a less pronounced GO / AO ratio. Or a pitcher could have a low GB / FB ratio (lots of fly balls) but is giving up home runs / gap shots on everything he leaves up.


I never noticed these stats are different and I thank you for the example. Still learning new things in baseball after 32 long years.


Does he have an option left?


Looks like a solid pickup to me. Dunno what John sees but more then 1 k/inning and a 1.01 whip is great.


Yeah. Can’t sneeze at that. And a 5:1 K/BB ratio.
Time to pull into the Searage & Sons Garage to see if this is a Pinto or another Ferrari.


People like John are trash to me. Negative crap about anything the organization does with moves like this, and not one bit of information to back his mouth up.


Agreed, I don’t understand the hate. Maybe he’s one of the people who have been wrong for so long they can’t enjoy the turnaround pulled off by this front office.

John Lease

Another piece of trash collected, and for cash no less.

John D

Why does it bother you? They give up nothing (other than Tabata apparently). They can check this guy out, see if he helps the ballclub, if not they let him go. He might end up being a useful arm and they gave up nothing to get him.

John Lease

Because if the Pirates are really competing for championships, then rooting thru trash bins for someone who might have an upside of ‘bullpen depth in case of injury’ isn’t worthy of a 40 man roster spot.

Travis Persinger

Like the Orioles picking up Steve Pearce out of the NY trash? That seemed to do them well…or the Pirates picking up Volquez out of the trash….


Because if the Pirates are really competing for championships, then
rooting thru trash bins for someone who might have an upside of ‘bullpen
depth in case of injury’ isn’t worthy of a 40 man roster spot.
Yeah, every other organization has future Hall-of-Famers as their AAA bullpen depth.

Seriously, this is not some deal that cries out to be critcized. If the coaches can work with him to get him effective at MLB-level, great. If not, it didn’t cost anything and you try someone else. Every organization– contenders and non-contenders alike– make moves like this.

Lukas Sutton

John Holdzkom slaps you in the face for being dumb.


So, we don’t need to look for talent and upgrades for the entire team, regardless of position? Don’t forget, “rooting thru trash bins” helped yield Jason Grilli, Mark Melancon, John Holdzkom, Francisco Liriano, Edinson Volquez, AJ Burnett, and others over the past 2+ years. When it costs a buck, why wouldn’t you try? Quit trolling.

Bill Brown

The 40 man roster is fluid. Apparently they felt he was more worthy of a roster spot than Tabata and it’s an area where you can never have enough help. I’m sure you felt the same way about Holdzkom. Don’t forget that trash heap player Ishikawa is the starting of LF for the Giants.


It isn’t that Tabata isn’t worth a ml spot, he isn’t worth it at the pay he is getting. There is no risk of losing him, but we wish we did lose him at what we are paying him. If tabata was league minimum, he wouldn’t have been DFA’d

Bill Brown

But he’s not at league minimum, plays a position where they’re fairly deep, and they added someone to hopefully strengthen a position of need. That sounds like a no-brainier.

I’m sure they’ve written off the financial obligation concerning Tabata when making these decisions. They know they’re stuck with the contract. I expect this wont be the last time you see him dropped from the 40man roster to be added at some point and subsequently dropped again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Tim Williams

The “cash” in these deals is usually like one dollar.

dr dng

Tim, seriously a dollar?

Also, any idea on options remaining?

My biggest concern is what would Baltimore let him go if they thought he had any mlb potential?

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