Pirates Sign Colombian Catcher Roberto Noguera

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed 17-year-old Colombian catcher Roberto Noguera. He trained at the Baseball Academy of Gaujira (Academia de Beisbol del Gaujira) and he was signed by Orlando Covo on July 2nd. Noguera was born on May 15, 1997 which made him eligible to sign during last year’s July 2nd signing period. According to this article in Spanish (which has three photos of Noguera, including him batting right-handed) he has already traveled to the Pirates Dominican Academy. Another article from April linked the Pirates to Noguera back then, but MLB has a period where team’s cannot sign International players, so he had to wait until July 2nd to sign.

  • In the article it notes the Phils and White Sox have signed players from that academy… have to think advantages, if there were any, are fewer and harder to come by these days.

    • I think the Pirates would benefit from having their own academy in Colombia similar to the Dominican facility. Tim thinks not. If you find one Polanco you recover your costs when compared with the costs of signing a free agent or high draft pick. The PIrates are signing players out of Colombia, but they might have a better chance of signing the best players with an academy in the country.

      • John Dreker
        July 8, 2014 9:54 pm

        They seem to get some of the top talent there, Harold Ramirez and Dilson Herrera have done well, plus they have some potential players like Tito Polo, Richard Mitchell, even Yhonathan Barrios, who now can hit high 90’s out of the bullpen. The Dominican Academy serves as a multi-purpose facility, not just signing players but it houses all the players for the DSL team and of course, the field they play on is there. Having a facility at any smaller place seems like a waste with no games going on. I’m not sure if people know, but besides the regular season DSL games, they also plus pre-season and post-season exhibition games like they do in Bradenton, so it’s not just the 72 game schedule and they are done.