Pirates Announce Nine Draft Signings, Including Four New Names

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced nine draft pick signings today. The list of the signings are as follows:

Round 2. Mitch Keller, RHP

Comp B. Trey Supak, RHP

7. Nelson Jorge, SS

13. Frank Duncan, RHP

14. Chase Simpson, 3B

17. Michael Clemens, RHP

21. Eric Thomas, CF

22. Eric Karch, RHP

36. Palmer Betts, RHP

We knew about five of these names, including the top two picks, who received $1 M each. The guys we didn’t know about are as follows (full information by clicking on their names):

Nelson Jorge – He’s a shortstop from Puerto Rico, who has the defensive skills to possibly stick at the position long term.

Chase Simpson – College senior and third baseman who will probably get playing time with Jamestown.

Eric Thomas – High school senior who has a ton of speed, but is raw at the plate, and defensively on the field. His arm is also strong enough to pitch, making him good in center field. He might have required an over-slot bonus, since he had a commitment to Sam Houston State.

Palmer Betts – Betts is a college pitcher who has an inconsistent fastball, touching 93 at times. He moved around a lot in college, and didn’t get a chance to get settled anywhere, so maybe the chance to stay in one program will help him out.

The Draft Pick Signing Tracker has been updated.

2014 Draft

  • still wondering about issue I have with players pages. The right side of info on player stats is covered by the bar listing Prospect Handbook and other articles.

    glad more players have signed, now to get Joe and number 11 picked signed.

  • Is NH trying to set a record for the number of picks signed in the shortest amount of time? Hope the FO keeps this up. Impressive.

    • Ian Rothermund
      June 14, 2014 1:10 pm

      Following the league in general, it seems like a lot of guys are signing quickly. The top picks aren’t pulling that same crap anymore. That’s the one upside of the new draft rules. The advantage of going right into the minors and having an extra half season right away should be clear as well.

  • Keller and Supak sound promising. Cole Tucker seems like an excellent pick for the 24th overall selection. It does not sound like this draft will produce any Hall of Famers, but it looks like a reasonably good group of prospects.

    • The more we find out about this draft, and its players, the better the Tucker pick seems.

      • If they sign Gage Hinsz (11th round) it will be a very impressive draft. He sounds like a 1st round talent.

        • He may well be a better prospect than his pick in the 11th round suggests, but there is nothing to suggest he is a 1st round talent.

          • The scouting reports & history suggests Hinz very well may a a 1st round talent for my Pirates.