First Pitch: Runs Tough to Come By in Burnett Starts

A.J. Burnett has pitched like a staff ace so far in 2013 but does not have the record to show for it.

The Pirates scored three or fewer runs in seven of A.J. Burnett's 10 starts prior to Friday. Photo Credit: David Hague
The Pirates scored three or fewer runs in seven of A.J. Burnett’s 10 starts prior to Friday. Photo Credit: David Hague

Granted, wins and losses are not good statistics to judge a pitcher’s performance but what is troubling has less to do with Burnett and more to do with the Pirates offense. Burnett has been great at the top of the Pittsburgh rotation and the Pirate offense has shown the ability to score runs, yet somehow the two have not found a way to cross paths. One could argue that Burnett has pitched well enough to win the majority (if not all) of his starts but the Pirate bats have been hiding when he’s on the hill.

Prior to Friday’s game at Milwaukee, Burnett had started 10 games for Pittsburgh so far this season with the Pirates managing just four wins. In those games Pittsburgh has only scored more than five runs once (in a 6-5 win against Cincinnati on April 12). The only times the Pirates scored five in a Burnett start (which they have done twice with both coming in games against St. Louis) they’ve won. In the six losses the Pirates have scored 1, 0, 2, 1, 1 and 2 runs. Add the one run Pittsburgh scored Friday and that gives you a grand total of nine runs in the seven games Burnett has started the Pirates would go on to lose.

It has gotten to the point where one almost feels bad for Burnett. On Friday at Milwaukee he was at it again — seven innings pitched, three hits, six strikeouts, two runs — with the end result another Pittsburgh loss.

In his previous state against Houston he allowed just one run on five hits with seven strikeouts while lasting seven innings and, you guessed it, the Pirates lost. Before that he went seven innings on May 13 at Milwaukee with four runs allowed (three earned) to go with six strikeouts and no walks. Again, the Pirates lost.

While Burnett is not quite in 2012 Cliff Lee territory getting wins with the ace on the mound is something the Pirates are going to need to see a lot more of as the season gets into the long summer months and the team is (potentially) battling to stay with the Cardinals and Reds in the National League Central race. Being able to win games when your pitchers do not have their best stuff helps, but winning when they are on is equally, if not, more important.

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  • I was really disappointed the other day reading the story about where the Pirates are and what they possibly need at the trade deadline and Tim Williams broke down every position and he was discussing 2nd base and suggested that Neil Walker should get platooned with Jordy Mercer and He would get the Clint Barmes treatment if he weren’t the hometown kid. I think that a lot of out of town Pirate fans have something against Neil Walker because he is so loved. He is the hometown kid but he has also produced big time since he’s been here in a big way. So no he doesn’t get thrown under the Bus like Barmes because he is a proven hitter for the Pirates Yes he has struggled a bit this year but He was hitting in the 270’s when he got hurt and was hitting the ball well enough to be hitting in the 290’s he had a ton of hard outs. Even Bob Walk said the same thing. Now he comes off the D.L and he struggles and everyone is ready to give up on him. Well the last two days so far he is 4 for 6 with a Homer half way through today’s game. Tim should know as much as anybody he will produce, He always does. When he is healthy he is a top 5 2nd basemen in baseball and I’m glad we have him.

  • Hurdle managed the stat way and kept his left handers on the bench, the stats said he was right the results show he was not.

  • Hopefully, the run support will even out with AJ.