First Pitch: How About Those Future Aces?

I’ve spent the last two nights watching two of the top pitching prospects in the system show why they’re two of the top pitching prospects in the system. I’d write more about it here, but I’ve already written a ton about each guy. So for now, check out my articles on Gerrit Cole and Luis Heredia, with their names linking to their articles.

I’m writing this at 1:15 AM. It’s the second night in a row I’ve left the press box after 1 AM. So the links are all I’ve got left in me tonight.

Links and Notes

**The Pirates won 9-1 against Minnesota. Where did this offense come from?

**Kristy Robinson’s notebook looks at the key to James McDonald’s impressive season, plus the offense.

**Prospect Watch: Heredia dominant, Mel Rojas hits a grand slam.

**My feature on Luis Heredia.

**Daniel McCutchen was activated today and optioned to AAA.

**Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon will participate in the future’s game.

**The Pirates have struggled with stolen bases on both sides of the game this year.

**Trade Values – Joe Saunders.

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