Notes From Pirate City: Gerrit Cole Starting

Gerrit Cole will take the mound today at Pirate City, going up against the New York Yankees’ A-ball team. This will be the first real game I’ve seen Cole start this Spring. I saw him play in an intrasquad game, and his last real outing was on the road. If the recent workload of starters over the last few days is any indication, Cole will probably go four innings or 50 pitches, whichever comes first.

Here are the starters for the other games today against the Yankees’ farm system:

AAA (Road Game): Aaron Poreda (Starter), Tim Alderson, Michael Crotta, Kyle Cofield

AA (Road Game): Hunter Strickland (Starter), Mike Loree, Matt McSwain, Zach Foster, Kris Harvey

A: Gerrit Cole (Starter), Tyler Waldron, Jordan Cooper, Joan Montero, Porfirio Lopez

A: Zack Dodson (Starter), Mike Jefferson, Vincent Payne, Josh Poytress, Aneudy Merejo

Intrasquad Game

Team 1: Zac Fuesser

Team 2: Matt Benedict