Pirates Have Four in Baseball America Top 100

Josh Bell is one of four Pirates who cracked the Baseball America top 100.

Baseball America has released their top 100 prospects list, and four Pittsburgh Pirates made the cut. The Pirates had Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, Josh Bell, and Starling Marte represented on the list this year.

Cole was the top ranked prospect, coming in at number 12. Jameson Taillon quickly followed him, ranked at number 15. Baseball America listed an estimated time of arrival of 2013 for Cole and 2014 for Taillon.

Josh Bell was up next, coming in at number 60. Bell was rated 43rd by Baseball Prospectus, and finished in the 67-69 range in previous rankings. Baseball America listed 2014 as Bell’s ETA, which is very aggressive. That would have him making it to AA by the end of the 2013 season, and splitting 2014 between AAA and the majors.

Starling Marte was the last Pirates prospect to make the list, coming in at 73. Marte was 56th in the Baseball Prospectus rankings, 40th in MLB.com’s rankings, and 72nd in Keith Law’s rankings.

In a chat today, Jim Callis mentioned that Luis Heredia was one of ten names that just missed the top 100. Heredia has been hit or miss in the rankings this year, either considered a top 50 prospect, or a guy just outside of the top 100.

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anthony mitchell

I agree…but if he hypothetically became a 4th outfielder, you could gain much more value by trading him soon in respect to the value that a 4th outfielder provides.

anthony mitchell

Oh and btw, the guys power numbers, and in fact all of his numbers have not improved much until last year…..

…………………In A+ Ball

…………………………………..His second year in A + Ball

……………………………………………………….And he is  22

I Like him as much as any other Pirate fan, but he needs to prove in higher levels before he can be taken seriously as a Major Leaguer


I dont see the “fit” right now either,didnt even say hed last, but just projecting that he could could be a 4th outfielder maybe even better. Just sayin id rather not get rid of him just yet. 

James S

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I’ll stand on what I said, and add that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Grossman fastrack to the big leagues much sooner than people think.

After following up his excellent year in the 2011 Arizona Fall League in October-November, in which he outhit Bryce Harper in practically every category, (along with most of the rest of the league…he had the 4th highest average), I can easily see that he is a true prospect and has a fine chance to be a good everyday player in the big leagues.

anthony mitchell

See Above

anthony mitchell

I understand the Grossman hoop-la, but the guy may not be able to play center field in the Majors….. actually, most likely wont in Pittsburgh…which makes him a corner outfielder.

Furthermore, his lack of power, greatly limits his value as a Pirate… We need pop in the 4 corners, and with Cutch and Marte, he will have to play a corner outfield position. Unless he develops the necessary power……(which may happen….but most likely won’t)…..he is expendable…

With Cutch as your “star”, Tabata locked  up, and Pressley/Marte……I dont see room for him at the big league level even if he keeps up his incredble pace……

I contend that NH should push for as much value as he can if Grossman continues to perform.

On Heredia,

If you read ten projections on Heredia you will hear ten different things.. That is because he is so young and raw. A projectable arm like this, is exactly that……..projectable…

He hasn’t pitched a meaningful minor league game yet…..He is two years away from being close to determining what value he trully has….He is very far away, however very intriguing.


I dont think his “lack of power” should put him into the expendable category just yet. consider that in all 3 of his years in pro ball he has done nothing but improve upon his power numbers from the year befor, not to mention his plate discipline. If he continues on that path he could end up being a nice 4th outfielder or better. ther might not be room in the outfield right now but they are bringing him along slowly. with his numbers last year he should have got the bump up to AA ball, but instead played his 2nd season in high A. In another year or two who knows whos left in the outfield picture, ie trades,or lack of performance.

anthony mitchell

I appreciate you opinion and agree with it in many respects. I may have not gotten my point across as I wanted to…..which is my fault…….I like Robbie Grossman a lot, I am very impressed/Intrigued by him, but i do not see a fit.

1. Cutch/Marte will be the starting CF for atleast the next 4 years…. (I.E 24’s Free-Agency)

2. Tabata is locked up for an extremely team friendly deal… based on age….so unless he continues to get hurt or greatly struggles….he has a spot.

3. That leaves one corner spot, and based on the other two………..you need some pop in the bat…..

That is why Pressley will not last on the team, he is an exciting and lovable player, but he does not fill a necessary role..

Robbie Grossman is very similar to the 4 OF’s mentioned above, outside Cutch, but he is the farthest away. Also, far less developed at this point, But  I do not think he fits into the needs of the franchise, and that is why I think It would be a smart move to trade him at his highest value.

James S

I think if Robbie Grossman continues to do what he did last year as he advances, he will easily crack the top 100 next year along with Heredia and some others. I don’t think anybody expected to have a lot of players in this year’s top 100. I’ll expect more next year, though Marte may come off the list since he could play in the majors this season and lose his rookie status.


Wow, not too good. Infact downright disheartning.


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