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A.J. Burnett Trade Likely to Get Done

The A.J. Burnett rumors have been quiet today, although Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has an update. Heyman says the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees are still talking, and that a deal is likely to get done. He reports that the Pirates will be paying $13-15 M of Burnett’s remaining $33 M, and that they will be giving up two players who aren’t on the 40-man roster.

This is similar to the reports we’ve heard over the weekend, so there’s nothing new to this, other than more assurance that the two sides are close and will probably make a deal. At $6.5-7.5 M per year Burnett doesn’t seem like as much of a value, although we’ve heard that the Pirates would rather take on money than give up prospects. A rough look at Burnett’s trade value shows that the Yankees picking up $19-20 M would net them a value of two grade C hitting prospects. For reference, that’s similar to the Derrek Lee trade that sent Aaron Baker. It seems unlikely that the Pirates would lose anything of value if they picked up that much salary.

This morning Buster Olney wrote about the urgency for the Yankees to make a deal. He mentioned that the Yankees don’t like to enter Spring Training with distractions, and like to resolve trade talks before camp opens. That makes it even more likely that a deal will be reached prior to pitchers and catchers reporting on Friday.

UPDATE 7:17 PM: Joel Sherman reports that the Yankees would do the deal if the Pirates agreed to take on north of $13 M owed to Burnett. He says that so far the Pirates are offering to take on $10 M while offering “two blah prospects”. Sherman adds that the feeling is that the two sides will get a deal done, but the Yankees want the Pirates to pick up more money or give up better prospects.

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Michael Hoffman

Two Guys named Harry -I dont like Neal but he isnt giving up any of his prized farm system guys,it will be two guys who are not going to be part of the future of the big club

Bucco Inc

Not sure why everyone is so negative about the idea of the Pirates making this trade. 

Burnett would give them some stability, and buy them the two years needed until Cole and Tallion show up. 

My early season prediction is Morton and JMAC both takes two steps forward.. Combine that with two veterans in Bedard and Burnett and toss is the wild card Karstens and the rotation has a chance to be really really good. 

Trade Corria before camp opens, even if you have to eat some of his paycheck. 

That leaves Lincoln, Locke, Owens, McPherson, Wilson as options to go to if someone has a DL stint. 


Todd Smith

I would actually hang on to Correia, otherwise it would kind of defeat the purpose of adding depth to the rotation.  Let Correia and Karstens battle it out in the Spring for the #5 spot in the rotation, and put the loser in the bullpen.  If one stumbles during the year, they can make a switch without dumping anybody.  Use Lincoln, Locke, Owens, etc as depth at AAA to get called up in case of injuries.

It worked out real well having Karstens in the pen last year to step up when Ohlendorf went down.  I think Correia could fill the same role this year, and there is certainly no guarantee that Karstens can put up the same kind of numbers this year as he did last year.


Walker Gourley and Noah Krol

James Vargo

I’m hoping for a scenario like when the Brewers signed Suppan a couple years ago. He didn’t do much but eat up innings, while allowing the pitching staff to get on track. They started to learn how to win as a team. 
Spring must be close — eternal optimism has arrived.

James S

Tim Alderson and Jeff Clement.


could this trade hurry up and get done?

white angus

because of the money issues involved, im pretty sure MLB has to approve the trade even after its been agreed upon by the principals


I prefer the Pirates wait, maybe some other team will come in and save the Pirates from themselves.

Todd Smith

The Nationals already saved us by taking Edwin Jackson.  Now we get the same pitcher for half the price.


Tim Alderson, Calvin Anderson


So let me get this straight…the BMTIB will spend $8 million for a 35 year old first baseman, $10-13 million over 2 years for a 35 year old pitcher with big question marks, but OAKLAND get a 26 year old outfielder with speed and power for 4 years and $36 million?  Where were we on Cepedes?


9 mill per for a guy whos never swung a major league bat. And if he cant play this year because he Ks half the time its a 3 year deal. Thats not even taking into account the culture shock a lot of Cubans have. Even the Marlins had same $ but 6 years I think thats fair. Starting to think people are way overpaying for these cuban guys chapman is never going to be worth his $ and Soler has issues as well. But his $ is gonna skyrocket

Todd Smith

…because what this team really needs is a $9MM/year outfielder who isn’t quite ready for the majors.


If they would have signed him (which I would not have minded at all) they would have said that their outfield is ACutch, Cespedes, and Tabata (2 because of contracts, 1 because he’s awesome).  What about Marte?  Make Tabata a well paid bench guy?

I agree though…woulda liked to have seen them go after him, but I’d prefer Soler.


wyatt toregas and miles durham and its a done deal. you saw it here first…


Everybody place your guesses…


Quinton Miller and David Rubenstein


Probably Cole and Taillon   JK


What NAMES are you hearing as to the prospects being mentioned…I’m frettin’

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