A.J. Burnett Rumors: Friday

Here is the latest on the A.J. Burnett rumors:

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that the two sides continue discussing a possible deal that would send Burnett to the Pirates. Heyman reports that the Yankees are willing to pay a substantial portion of Burnett’s remaining salary, but that the two sides are still a few million apart. Heyman mentions that the Yankees first offered a deal where the Pirates would pay more than one-third of Burnett’s salary, closer to a 50-50 split.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post expects the Yankees to deal Burnett before camp opens. He feels the team will wait to see if the Pirates, or any other club, offers to take on more salary.

-Sherman also provides some insight as to why the Pirates weren’t on Burnett’s no-trade list (Three Twitter links). Burnett’s list includes all of the teams on the West Coast because his wife has a fear of flying. When he signed with Toronto, he negotiated a deal where his wife would receive eight round trip limo rides from their home in Baltimore to Toronto. So while the Pirates don’t have a winning record, the distance from Burnett’s home is a positive for Burnett.

UPDATE 12:18 PM: Jon Heyman was on 93.7 The FAN earlier and said he thinks this deal will get done. He also said that Garrett Jones is off the table. (h/t to Jim at North Side Notch). Heyman also added on Twitter that the Pirates haven’t agreed to pay $10 M of Burnett’s remaining $33 M.

UPDATE 1:47 PM: Heyman says there seems to be a fair amount of optimism that a deal will get done.

UPATE 5:17 PM: Joel Sherman reports that the Yankees are telling the Pirates that absorbing $10 M in salary isn’t enough. Jon Heyman reported earlier that the Pirates were willing to absorb that much. He also added that the Yankees have been pushing for an even split and want an “OK” prospect in return.

Jayson Stark was on Baseball Tonight earlier and reported the Pirates were looking at Joe Blanton and John Lannan if Burnett didn’t work out. Ken Rosenthal reports that talks haven’t hit a wall yet, but the two sides aren’t close. He also added that the Pirates were looking at other options. It doesn’t seem like the Yankees have much leverage here. There are more teams looking to unload high priced pitchers than there are teams willing to take on those salaries.

UPDATE 5:23 PM: Heyman reports that if there is a deal, Garrett Jones won’t be a part of it.

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50/50 and put in a top 5 prospect and a top 15 prospect.  Otherwise make the yanks pay for buying any player they want and overpaying for them.


If the Pirates have to give up anything of substance for Burnett it’s a bad trade by Huntington.


I can see us getting Burnett and him being dealt before the all star break this year.


I agree if Nick Evans or Fox make the 25 man roster (unless because others are injured) the bench will be weak again this season.


Not sure I do not sure what Nady looks like now but he looked almost cripple last time i watched him. Evans is only 25. He has some decent potential. Jake Fox can hit but cant play anywhere. Id be more excited if he could catch a lil still.

Lee Young

I’d love to see Nady on our bench. Better than Nick Evans or Jake Fox.

James S

Just like I said, They aren’t getting Garrett Jones. They simply cannot let go of their most legit power guy.
That makes me happy.

Great if we can get A.J. Burnett and keep Jones.
Maybe they can give them Correia, pick up 8 million, give Burnett’s wife so many limo rides, and not even give them a semi-prospect.
That would be win-win all the way around.
I doubt it will happen that way, and if we give up a semi-prospect I won’t mind too much.

I’m excited with a starting staff of Burnett, Karstens, Bedard, Morton & McDonald.

They still need better hitting though. A professional hit-man like Xavier Nady on the bench would not break their bank.


Tell us the truth James S……..Nady owes you money but he can’t pay you because he lost his fortune to Bernie Madoff, so you are out there pimping him so he can pay you back. Right?

Todd Smith

Edwin Jackson: 199.2 IP, 3.73 xFIP, 1.437 WHIP, 2.8 BB/9, 6.7 SO/9, $10MM/year
AJ Burnett: 190.1 IP, 3.86 xFIP, 1.434 WHIP, 3.9 BB/9, 8.2 SO/9, $5MM/year

Seems like a no-brainer to take a gamble here, especially if they don’t even have to give up Jones.  Basically get the same pitcher as Jackson at half the price.


Thanks for the research and it does seem to be a good sign, especially if we do not have to give anything.  Morton may be slow to come along early this year, and Correia who we paid $8 mil over 2 years will become a FA.  Burnett could end up staying both years.  The only doubt I have is the attitude he will bring with him.  If he wants to be a SP the Pirates are offering the opp, and the burgh is only about 4 or 5 hours from B’more.  If the Bucs have to go $12 mil ($6 per year) without having to give away GJ or anybody else, this is still a great deal for the Pirates.


well the PIrates were only team interested in Correia, only team that wanted Overbay to be a starter, only team to offer Barmes a two year deal etc.

John Lease

I see a pattern here…


I see this type of trade as good and bad, good if they let Hague have a fair shot at 1st base.
Bad if they have to suck up 8mil for 2 years for a bad pitcher, odds are that Burnett will be bad more than they are that he will be good. I don’t have a problem with getting players off the scrap heap and trying to fix them, they are cheap and they don’t hold anyone back, I do when it costs 2 years and 8mil plus a 1st basemen. Everytime I think of Burnett, I can’t stop thinking about Jogging George Hendrick.
Seems odd that the Pirates are the only team interested in Burnett!


Yes!  If only more players and their wives had phobias, they Pirates might be able to scrape together a semi respectable team. 


too bad all of EJax main girls didn’t have the phobia

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