Two Day Sale on the Digital Prospect Guide

If you haven’t purchased your copy of the 2012 Prospect Guide, I just received a new coupon code from the publisher for you to use. The code is for 30% off the digital Prospect Guide, which can be purchased from our publisher here. The offer is valid for the next two days (expiring January 31st at midnight). To get the digital Prospect Guide for 30% off, go to the above link and use the code “SHELFSTOCK305”.

The code is only valid on the Pirates Prospects eBooks. It won’t work on the hard copy books, although if you’re interested in those, they can be purchased through the Products page of the site.


  • Ok.¬† Thanks. The other page I was on made it sound like I needed the other software exclusively but it does look like it can be read as a regular pdf from a windows machine.

  • I was ready to buy the digital version online and then I realized I needed adobe digital editions stanza to use it which already had me irritated. I tried to download to see if I would like it enough to still get the digital copy and the download failed. I work in I.T. , I install software¬†almost everyday. I do not desire to go home and jump through hoops for this. I want to buy your product. Why do you not have a version I can use a regular reader for?