Pirates Sign Daniel Cabrera

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed right handed pitcher Daniel Cabrera to a minor league deal, according to Mario Rojas of CandelaDeportiva (h/t MLBTR). Cabrera has a career 5.10 ERA in the majors in 892.1 innings, along with a 6.8 K/9 and a 5.2 BB/9 ratio. Most of his time in the majors has been as a starter, spending most of his career with Baltimore. The last time he pitched in the majors was in 2009 with Arizona.

The 6′ 7″, 220 pound right hander hasn’t pitched in the minors since 2010, when he was with the Angels’ farm system. He’s always had a live arm, but has dealt with some serious control issues throughout his career. I’d expect him to work out of the AAA bullpen, but the odds of him reaching the majors this year seem slim. He turns 31 in May.

  • kind of funny, but I remember in the offseason before 2009 season the Pirates offered Cabrera a multi-year deal which he turned down for less money to go to the Nats(I think)… Every one was pissed that he took less money but aren’t you glad he did now????? hahaha

  • Dubee is no prospect at this point. I have seen too much of him at AA.

  • Why let Welker, Moreno, and Dubee et al. pitch at AAA when we can go with Cabrera, Reyes, and Igarashi!

    • why not?

    • AAA is like an extension for the 25 man roster I dont have a problem with having a ton of veteran depth down there. AA is where real prospects get playing time. Especially with pitching. I dont wanna have to bring up a young guy for a couple days for an injury and start his clock when you can have a vet you could care less about losing do it.

      • True for SP, not true for RP. Also not really true at all for NH’s regime that believes in getting guys a lot of time at AAA before coming up. Some teams do the promote from AA thing, we are not one of them.

        • I think they use it as a service time thing. And I think they try to hold player values by keeping them down(especially pitchers). If they were to bring up a guy that was throwing hard and striking guys out for some spot bullpen work and he gets slammed in his 3 innings he goes from potential closer to 6 inning matchup guy. Kind of like Chase DArnaud who probably had better value precallup than post.
          Locke only had a few starts in AAA before his callup. I also dont think anyone has shown they were ready to make the jump from AA in recent memory. Maybe Pedro. There is no real reason to rush any of their guys. I’d much rather have a guy for his 24-31 years than his 21-28 years, I’ll take more prime years and experience over rushing for need alone.

  • Daniel should be paying the Pirates to play.

  • I’m psyched. Oh wait DANIEL Cabrera…..never mind.