Pirates Agree to One Year Deal With Joel Hanrahan

The Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to a one year deal with closer Joel Hanrahan, avoiding arbitration. The terms of the deal aren’t yet known. Hanrahan was projected for a $4 M salary through arbitration, after earning $1.4 M in 2011.

UPDATE 10:40 AM: Per Keith Law, Hanrahan receives $4.1 M. The 2012 40-man roster/payroll is updated.

UPDATE 10:50 AM: MLBTR reports that Hanrahan will receive an additional $10 K each for 40 and 45 games finished, and $15 K each for 50 and 60 games finished. Hanrahan had 59 games finished last year in his first full season as the Pirates’ closer.

  • I think it is comical to add a $10k bonus and $15k bonus as incentives. When you’re making over $4m for the season would you even notice $10k more? Doesn’t seem like much of an incentive. I think it would be like my boss giving me a $10 bonus if I came to work 200 days this year.

  • Its for $4,100,000