Pirates Working On Deals With Betemit and McLouth

The Pittsburgh Pirates are moving closer to deals with infielder Wilson Betemit and outfielder Nate McLouth, according to Rob Biertempfel.  We’ve heard about their interest in McLouth for the last two days. We’ve also heard that the Pirates are looking for contingency plans if Pedro Alvarez struggles again this year, which is where Betemit comes in. He hit for a .285/.343/.452 line in 323 at-bats last year between Detroit and Kansas City. Betemit has primarily played third base in his career, but has also played first, second, short, left and right field.

Jenifer Langosch says that the team is close to a deal with McLouth, which is believed to be a one year deal. Langosch mentions that McLouth could compete with Alex Presley for a starting outfield role, although Presley could be given the first chance.

  • Adding “major league” players vs. the “AAAA” players is nice to see. Even if these are marginal major league players, they are upgrades over Xavier Paul and Brandon Wood.

  • well, they always say “buy low, sell high.”  McLouth FTW

  • I think a lot of McLouth’s woes came fron the move to ATL…Pnc is a short distance to right center and right field whereas in ATl it is the expansive part of the field. Therefore a lot of Nates hits that were homers in PNC became outs is ATL. Because he was supposed to make an impact in ATL he tried harder to hit homers and thats where his average went way down. I think a return to PGH could be good for Nate but I don’t expect him to hit like he did in 2008….We all know he can field and run the bases but can he still hit is the big question….

  • Good depth moves by N.H

  • Betemit sounds like a good addition, not so sure about McLouth. He has been pretty bad the last couple of years.

  • If McClouth didn’t have a couple good seasons with the Bucs a few years back, we’d all be saying this is a bad signing.  His stats since the trade to Braves don’t warrent more than a non-roster invitation to spring training.

  • If we can now get Lee to sign. The bench doesn’t look that bad with Jones, Betemit, McLouth/ Presley, Ciriaco, and McKenry.

    As for pitching I would rather see Wilson and Owens over Francis and Bedard!!!

  • Like you, I’m surprised Betemit was available and even considered the Pirates. Last year I think he signed for $1MM. Bet it won’t be that low and maybe that’s why the Bucs appear to be close.

  • These 2 guys still have something in the tank, which is not what the Pirates usually get through free agency. McClouth is no longer in his prime, but is an upgrade over X. Betiemet should be a good fill-in and is versatile, although like most utility men is not good at all positions. But he can handle 3rd in spurts and has a decent bat, with some power.

    Looks as though the F.O. is making an attempt to beef up the bench and it really needed it. Lots left to do, but at least they’re trying.

  • Jimmy Coverdale
    December 6, 2011 7:04 pm

    I’m a bit surprised with the Betemit news given lack of options on the free agent market at third – I thought that he would wait out the Aramis Ramirez market and then become the top offensive option at the hot corner.

    I like the McLouth signing – he did have a .344 OBP last year and his walk rate will make him a decent option off the bench

  • the more I look at Betemit the more I think he can be a great addition to the team. Especially if hes cheap. But I wouldnt be mad if the did a 2 yr deal with mayeb an option for a 3rd IF IT WAS CHEAP. he could maybe man 3b if Pedro is shifted to 1b or just be utility guy. McLouth bah whatever rather have Paul but I guess the upside is there.

  • I think these could be good additions.  I doubt seriously that McLouth would unseat Presley but he could be a better version than Paul.  Definitely was a good player as a Pirate. Betemit has some decent numbers. I dont know about his homerun potential but sounds like he could platoon with Jones at first and take 3rd if necessary.

    • Only drawback on benimet is his high strike out ratio. Mc Louth good protection for injuries in outfield. Can’t believe his talent left him so quickly. He is not a home run hitter. Think he had home run on his mind with every swing. Hope he can get back to line drive swing. Power will come.