Pirates Interested in Bringing Nate McLouth Back

Jon Paul Morosi has an interesting update from the winter meetings. He notes that the Pittsburgh Pirates may add an outfielder, and that they’re interested in Nate McLouth.  The Pirates traded McLouth in 2009 for Charlie Morton, Jeff Locke, and Gorkys Hernandez.  The trade came a few months after they signed McLouth to an extension.

It’s not known why the Pirates would be looking for an outfielder.  They probably aren’t looking for a starting option, with Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata, and Alex Presley the projected starters. McLouth’s numbers haven’t been good enough to earn a starting job, with a .229/.335/.364 line in his time with Atlanta.

This could point to Garrett Jones being non-tendered.  If the Pirates added someone like McLouth they wouldn’t have much of a need for Jones. Jones is currently an option for first base if the Pirates can’t sign someone, although Matt Hague would probably provide the same value as Jones. The only way a move for an outfielder would be a bad thing is if the Pirates went for a guy to start over Alex Presley.

  • Aren’t the Pirates kicking the tires on Josh WIllingham who is another Garrett Jones type of player?  I think the Pirates are looking at all the options, which is good but lets go for something more. A part of me wishes they would throw some money into at least two starters and at DLee. 

  • Marco Rincones
    December 5, 2011 2:55 pm

    It seemed that McLouth became a distraction as the season moved along last year in Atlanta with his temper and surprising lack of fundamentals. I wouldn’t bring him back to Buccoland just because he once appeared to be an up and coming good to excellent player in 2007-08. He obviously is not what the Braves want for 2012, why should we?

  • Can he fill in at 3b ? (I’m half kidding )

  • We have McLouth, only way better and younger.  His name is Alex Pressley.  If you need speed/defense, call up Gorkys.  If you need power, use Jones.  Loved Nate, but he’d be a waste at this point. 

  • Mclouth at maybe 1.5 mil as a bench option wouldn’t be bad. Not to mention his power would probably return a little with a return to PNC(deep RF in ATL)…not saying that he would return to his 2008 numbers but he definitely would be a better bench option then X Paul…

  • I too am worried that this means Jones will be non-tendered. I would much rather have Jones than McClouth at this point if it is a choice between the two of them. However, if they are looking at McClouth for to fill Xavier Paul’s role and he come cheaply enough this would be a solid move.

  • I think I’d rather see what Gorkys Hernandez can do, instead of wasting money on McLouth.

  • this would be a move that would be a waste of a roster spot.  McLouth’s not the same player he was 4 years ago

  • Nate as a 4th or 5th OF would be nice. 77 walks and 109 K’s his last 166 games but his power, speed, and average have all took a dive. At 30 he’s worth a flier but i wouldn’t pay 2 mil for him.

  • I see Nate as insurance for the ever fragile Tabata. Last year’s bench was woeful. If he’s cheap enough I don’t see the harm. My thoughts on Jones are that the Pirates will move him to 1st. There aren’t many $2MM F.A. available.

    Maybe it’s the usual window dressing, but I’m happy if the Pirates are actually looking at McClouth and Stewart.

  • Wouldn’t hurt if he was dirt cheap and wasn’t planning on starting.  1B and SP need to be filled first, we can find a backup OFer late in the offseason if needed.