Pirates In Talks With Jo-Jo Reyes

According to Dejan Kovacevic, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in talks with free agent left handed pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes. Kovacevic notes that the deal would be a minor league deal if it happens.

Reyes was recently non-tendered by the Baltimore Orioles. He turned 27 in November, and has pitched 334.2 innings in the majors. In his career he has a 6.05 ERA, along with a 5.8 K/9, a 3.9 BB/9, and a 1.5 HR/9 ratio. That includes 140.2 innings between Toronto and Baltimore in 2011 where he put up a 5.57 ERA.

As a minor league free agent, Reyes wouldn’t be a bad flier. He was once a highly regarded pitching prospect out of the Atlanta farm system, but has never put it together in the majors. He has a career .736 OPS in the majors against left handers, compared to a .918 against right handers. He’s still young enough that he could turn things around, although the odds of that happening are very slim. On a minor league deal it wouldn’t be a bad risk to take.

  • Did this ever happen? Not sure if the deal was ever final

  • I’d jump on him. When he was in his first couple seasons with the Braves he really pitched some dandy spot starts. He wasn’t a regular member of the rotation, but would be called upon once in a while and pitched very well.
    I don’t know whats happened to him since he went to the AL, but as long as his arm is sound bringing him in on a minor league deal would be a great idea.

  • He is just extra lefty insurance for AAA. It’s just one of those typical boring signs every team makes this time of year. No reason to get excited one way or the other.

  • It’s the Vogelsong factor. Sometimes fliers work…just not usually for the Pirates.

  • No idea why people get upset over any minor league signing. This guy was widely regarded as a solid prospect and few teams took a shot on him on their major league roster. If he pitches 0 innings for the Pirates this year or 50 innings in relief vs leftys this is a good high upside signing.

  • Jo-Jo, the idiot circus-boy.

  • On a minor league deal this does not hurt. Reyes always has had good “stuff” he just never has been able to put it all together. He is the type of pitcher that is good for organizational depth because he has experience and still has a small chance to be more valuable.

  • Do not want… the only possible benefit Reyes will provide to the Pirates is to boost Pedro Alvarez’s confidence as his personal BP pitcher.