Free Agent Rumors: DeRosa, McLouth

A few rumors from John Perrotto earlier this evening via Twitter:

-The Pirates are interested in Mark DeRosa on a minor league deal, according to Perrotto.  We heard that they checked on him last week. Perrotto adds that he is believed to be looking for a major league deal somewhere, and that the Pirates would view him as a contingency plan if Pedro Alvarez struggles again.

The Pirates like the idea of signing Nate McLouth because they don’t feel that Gorkys Hernandez is ready for the majors.

  • looks like Mclouth and Betermit will be added for bench strength. Nate has really struggled for two years with the Braves.  Dont know much about how Betermit might fit. Could these be minor league contracts?

  • McLouth isn’t ready for majors, would rather have Hernandez.  

  • Last I checked, they had a full roster. Unless they cut somebody they won’t be able to select anyone.

  • Brian Bernard
    December 6, 2011 5:22 am

    Not sure anyone’s forgotten about it, there just are usually very few if any quality bats since the rules change that allowed an extra year of protection. 

  • good point patrick about the rule 5 draft that everybody seems to have forgotten about 

  • Ready or not, I would probably prefer Gorkys. Regardless of the 1B situation, keep Jones as the 4th OF to start the season. Allow him to platoon with Hague at 1B to start the year and bring up Gorkys when he is “ready.”

    Don’t forget about the Rule V draft in a few days. That may give us a 5th OF option as well (along with Jones) that would hold us over until Gorkys gets called up.