Pirates Watched Jamie Moyer Pitch

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Pittsburgh Pirates were one of the teams that have sent scouts to watch soon-to-be 49 year old left hander Jamie Moyer pitch.  Moyer is recovering from Tommy John surgery, which he underwent in 2010, and which cost him the entire 2011 season.  Rosenthal quoted scouts who said that Moyer looked just as good as he always has.  The speculation was that he would probably fit best on a West Coast team.

I wouldn’t really read much in to the Pirates being there unless we hear more on this.  It’s one thing to send a scout to watch a guy pitch.  That’s due diligence.  It’s another to hear a rumor that the team is talking with the pitcher, or made an offer, and I don’t think we can get that from this.

  • Want to resign Lee, looking at Moyer… looks like the latest front office is taking a page from the last two groups and about to start the over 30 has-beens cycle again.  Too bad, just when things were looking up. While it seems the current group knows how to draft and develop younger players better than David Littlefield and Cam Bonifay they seem to be every bit as inept and incompetent when operating in the trade and free agent market.

  • Apparently the Pirate scouts were not the only team to look at Moyer, but I don’t think they are that desperate. 

  • This will be a huge mistake.  

    • mistake? The BMTIBB never makes any! Agree with you but would it be a surprise if Moyer puts in a full season that his numbers will be better than the F.A. the Pirates sign.

      If the Pirates are Moyer’s lone choice that’ll force him to finally retire.  🙂 

  • Moyer was averaging 80.9 mph with his fastball before he got hurt.

  • Interesting. If he can still throw low to mid 80’s, he’s still smart and crafty enough to post a sub 5.00 era with a good defense behind him. I hope he can pitch in his 50’s.