Vincent Payne, Orlando Castro Promoted to West Virginia

Right handed pitcher Vincent Payne and left handed pitcher Orlando Castro have been promoted from the State College Spikes to the West Virginia Power.  To make room on the West Virginia roster, Brooks Pounders and Kevin Decker have been placed on the disabled list.

Payne threw 27.2 innings in State College this year out of the bullpen, with a 5.20 ERA and a 21:11 K/BB ratio.  He also made one appearance in West Virginia earlier in the year, throwing two shutout innings with a walk and a strikeout.

Castro started out the year by pitching three shutout innings in West Virginia, allowing two hits and one walk.  He then joined the GCL rotation, where he dominated with a 0.72 ERA in 25 innings, along with a 22:2 K/BB ratio.  He pitched 17 innings in State College, with a 4.76 ERA and an 11:4 K/BB ratio.  The 19 year old out of Honduras is currently in his first year in the US.

  • Minor league injuries are more closely guarded by teams.  We usually have to ask about a specific player from the Pirates, in terms of “what is the injury”.  Minor League Baseball tells you who is on the 7 day DL when you click the team roster.

    It’s just not as user friendly as the majors.

  • Is there any way an injury report list and disabled list could be added to this site? It would be a great addition.