Tyler Waldron Promoted to Bradenton

Waldron has been transferred off the Power roster.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have transferred right handed pitcher Tyler Waldron off of the West Virginia roster in a corresponding move to add Colton Cain to the roster.  The move isn’t a big surprise.  Waldron pitched last night, and wouldn’t be available for a few days.  The Pirates have too many pitching options in West Virginia, and constantly transfer guys on and off the roster, sending them out after they make an extended appearance, and bringing them back right before a start.

What’s strange about this move is that Waldron didn’t have a destination.  He was listed as “TBA”, which hasn’t happened this year.  Usually, when a player is transferred off the roster, their destination is announced.  In a “paper move” to maximize roster spots, they are usually sent to State College.  Considering the time of the year, it’s interesting that Waldron’s destination hasn’t been announced yet.

When it comes to the trade deadline, we all assume zebras when we hear hoofbeats.  I wouldn’t jump the gun and guess Waldron is part of a deal.  The more likely scenario is either that he’s being promoted to Bradenton, or being transferred off the roster until his next start.  But again, this is the first time all year that the “TBA” has been used.

In other moves today, Zack Dodson ended his rehab and has been transferred to West Virginia, and Mitchell Fienemann has been placed on the suspended list.

UPDATE 6:43 PM: I’m told by a source that this isn’t a “paper move”, which means it’s not a case where Waldron will be removed from the roster for a few days, then returned.  That leaves three options: promotion to Bradenton, demotion to State College, or a trade.  Waldron has a 6.26 ERA in July, although his stats haven’t been that bad, with a 20:9 K/BB ratio and one homer in 27.1 innings.  He’s got a .225 BAA in the month.  All of this indicates that the ERA is on the unlucky side. This might not mean “trade”, but I don’t think he’s going down to State College.

UPDATE, SATURDAY 6:17 AM: Waldron has been promoted to Bradenton.