Rosenthal Full Count: Pirates Aggressively Pursuing Upgrades

The Pirates should get a boost from the return of players like Tabata.

In the latest segment of “Full Count” by Ken Rosenthal, the FOX Sports reporter goes in to detail about the Pittsburgh Pirates and some rumors as we head to the trade deadline.  The video can be found above, and the Pirates segment starts at the 1:46 mark.  Here are the highlights:

-He says the Pirates are “aggressively pursuing upgrades”.

-He mentions that the Pirates will get a lot of help from injured players who are set to return, notably Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, and Evan Meek.  He also mentioned Pedro Alvarez as “getting himself back together in AAA”.

-Rosenthal says the Pirates clearly could use a bat, but that they’re “not that keen” on Carlos Pena, due to his strikeouts, and his declining defense.

-A bit of a surprise.  Rosenthal says that some with the Pirates believe an 8th inning reliever would be the best bet for an upgrade.  Considering they have Jose Veras and Chris Resop performing well in the role, and Evan Meek returning soon, an 8th inning reliever seems low on the priority list.

-He finishes by saying that they’re still looking for that big bat as well.

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How do these guys get away with reporting the OBVIOUS. Anyone could have “informed” us of this non-news.


Anyone know where Jason Jaramillo is?  He’s been MIA since Doumit/Snyder went down, and I thought he only had a minor injury.  I’d love to see JJ, instead of Fryer, catching some games.

Love what McKenry has done though.  At the very least, Fort is a great stop-gap for Tony Sanchez.  That is, if Sanchez can start hitting again.  Lousy Weiters pick.


i think he just started his rehab assignment and played for GCL… could be wrong about the team but i remember seeing him in the lineup while i was checking scores for one of our low level teams

Chris M

“-A bit of a surprise.  Rosenthal says that some with the Pirates believe an 8th inning reliever would be the best bet for an upgrade.  Considering they haveJose Veras and Chris Resop performing well in the role”



No, Veras sucks.

This is obviously a big reason why we are looking to upgrade.  Heath Bell’s slide definitely moves him atop my wishlist.  Just sayin’.


Veras and Resop are having career seasons, correct?  Not sure that will last so NH might be wise in getting some 8th inning help.  Sure could have used it tonight.  Veras couldn’t throw a strike.


not really… pitching at their upper limit but nothing they haven’t done before

From the Upper Deck

First time I’ve heard that Evan Meek was “returning soon.” I don’t think that is accurate on Rosenthal’s part.


Yeah, I thought September was more reasonable.  I wonder if he’ll be the same shut-down pitcher he was last year.  I’ve been saying all year that we only have to worry about 2 innings in the game, the 7th and 8th.  Our starters go 6, and Hanrahan closes the 9th.  The 7th & 8th are such wildcards right now.  Veras or Resop could come in and K everyone, or they could give up 3 runs.

If Meek returns to 2010-Meek, we’ll only have to worry about one inning.

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